As a service provider, what if better lives were a feature of the products and services you offer? Schools, utilities and local governments can work together within communities to help give residents safer, more efficient homes and a greater quality of living.

Smart Grid represents $216 billion value at stake by 2022 – with $39 billion in water management and $69 billion in gas monitoring. Capturing this value and embracing today’s major technology transitions of cloud, mobility, security, big data and analytics requires a new fast IT model that is simple, smart and secure. See how we can help your organization ensure efficiency rules the grid as every appliance and outlet connect.

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Service providers are increasingly offering entertainment through software-as-a-service residing in cloud environments. The cloud enables service providers to deliver unique customer experiences with profile data and historical information residing in secured private/public clouds.

Data generated by things like connected fridges, thermostats, lights, and watering systems are all routing and storing data in the cloud. Cloud apps allow consumers to interface and understand their data.

Offer differentiated customer experiences by using connections to capture and analyze data that the Internet of Everything and cloud make possible.

What Makes This Possible


Cisco Videoscape Cloud Solutions

Operated by Cisco and purchased on a consumption-based model, Cisco Videoscape Cloud Solutions extend both the Videoscape appliance-based software suites and Videoscape cloud software capabilities with functions such as analytics, presence, enhanced metadata, and enhanced identity. You can rapidly enhance an existing infrastructure with compelling new experiences while reducing the need to develop and integrate new capabilities in house.

Cisco Intercloud Fabric

Cisco Intercloud Fabric enables the secure hybrid cloud by connecting Cisco virtual data center environments to public cloud providers, centralizing management across private and provider clouds with a hypervisor-agnostic application deployment with a choice of provider clouds and services.

Cisco Application Integration Solution (CAIS)

Cisco Application Integration Solution enables customers to automate processes, unlock valuable data trapped in existing systems to optimize business processes. CAIS also enables the enterprise to expose assets via a full life-cycle API platform to enable ecosystems, mobility and/or new business models. The Cisco Application Integration Solution eliminates the pain and cost of point-to-point integration and unifies business processes across applications and data sources in a secure and quickly deployed environment.

Cisco Unified Data Center (UDC)

Cisco Unified Data Center provides a common platform for physical, virtual and cloud applications and operating models. This eliminates application-specific infrastructure sprawl and management silos that often exist between server, storage, networking and operations team. Cisco Unified Data Center provides highly programmable infrastructure as the ideal infrastructure platform for cloud-based service offering and process automation. Through the API in UCS and Cisco ONE for networking, service providers can integrate Unified Data Center into existing service delivery platforms and management.

Cisco Consulting Services for Cloud Computing

With our deep industry and technical expertise, the Cisco Consulting Services Cloud Practice is the perfect partner to help you move to an “IT as a service” model. We will help you create the strategy, plans, and partnerships needed to build an agile, profitable IT platform.

Next ScenarioMobility

Enabling your customers to manage their services away from home – from a thermostat to appliances to a security system – using applications via their mobile devices, is just one of the benefits of mobility.

As a single management source available anywhere, anytime, mobility unifies all of the critical elements of the home experience in one central place.

Cisco can help you with an intelligent architectural approach that delivers connected mobile experiences across wired, Wi-Fi, and cellular networks.

What Makes This Possible


Cisco Connected Mobile Experiences (CMX)

Cisco CMX lets you tap into this connected lifestyle and provide relevant mobile content while gaining meaningful analytics. Using your Cisco wireless network and location intelligence from the Mobility Services Engine (MSE), CMX helps you gain insight into mobile user behavior and improve operations with Wi-Fi-based location analytics and reports, including the number of store visitors, dwell time and movement patterns.

Cisco Consulting Services for Collaboration, Video, and Mobility

Cisco Consulting Services’ Collaboration, Video, and Mobility Practice is committed to supporting customers on the journey to capturing their share of IoE value at stake by partnering with them to identify, quantify, and realize the value of using their technology investments. The practice accelerates that journey by providing differentiated end-to-end consulting services.

Next ScenarioSecurity

Regardless of the changes in technologies, utilities’ primary goal is to provide safe, reliable service. That hasn’t changed.

What has changed are the pressures utilities face from today’s advanced malware, cyber-terrorists, espionage, and more, all taking advantage of the increased connectivity of industrial control systems. Add to that, regulatory pressures such as NERC CIP compliance, and utilities face more challenges and distractions in delivering safe, reliable service. Continuous monitoring, automated analysis, control automation, and retrospective security that work together can help to keep your control networks secure without impacting service delivery.

Cisco provides utmost security solutions and services to ensure a truly connected grid.

What Makes This Possible


Security Intelligence Operations

Early-warning intelligence, threat and vulnerability analysis, and proven Cisco mitigation solutions and services to help protect networks.

Cisco Security Posture Assessment Service

The Cisco Security Posture Assessment Service provides a point-in-time validation of how well security architecture and designs have been implemented and how well they are operating. It provides a detailed assessment of wired and wireless networks, security devices, servers, desktops, web applications, and the related IT infrastructure by comparing discovered vulnerabilities with industry best practices and up-to-date intelligence from the industry and Cisco.

Cisco Managed Threat Defense

Cisco Managed Threat Defense can help protect retail organizations in real-time scenarios and as today's cybercrime rates grow. It comprises of hardware, software and analytics which monitor, capture, and analyze threats. Cisco's security operations centers (SOCs) monitor the data provided by the service and provide incident response analysis, escalation, and remediation recommendations.

Next ScenarioBig Data/

Success in providing services to your customers relies heavily on delivering those services in the most cost effective, safest and reliable way possible. In addition, you need to ensure your customers are happy.

Big data and analytics will not only help you optimize the platforms your services run on but allow you to be more responsive to your customer demands by using systems data to predict failures and repair times and quickly communicating information to set customer expectations. It is critical to rely on a big data infrastructure that is aligned with the entire workload, from network traffic, to compute resources, to operations management and automation.

Cisco big data and analytics solutions can enable you to better understand your unique customer demands and deliver the best services possible.

What Makes This Possible

Big Data/Analytics

Cisco Network Convergence System (NCS) 2000

Cisco Network Convergence System (NCS) is a family of integrated packet routing and transport systems designed to help service providers capture their share of the IoE Value at Stake. NCS is built on major innovations in silicon, optics and software and provides the building blocks of a multilayer converged network that intelligently manages and scales functions across its architecture.

Cisco ASR 9000 System

The Cisco ASR 9000 System incorporates innovative technologies such as Cisco Network Virtualization (nV) technology, which intelligently blends the edge, aggregation, and access points to simplify operation and accelerate IPv6 services.

Cisco Prime Carrier Management

Cisco Prime Carrier Management is a comprehensive suite of software applications that simplifies the lifecycle management of evolved programmable networks and services and enables carrier-class delivery of voice, video, mobile, cloud, and managed services. With the modular architecture, you have the flexibility to deploy the entire integrated suite or do it incrementally as you grow your business, depending on your needs.

Customer Experience Analytics

Each layer of the customer journey generates different metrics that give you important insights. Social-local-mobile (SoLoMo) business intelligence solutions provide a 360-degree understanding of operations and experience across all your brand touchpoints, including visibility into on-air programming and more.

Cisco 1000 Series Connected Grid Routers

Cisco 1000 Series Connected Grid Routers are multiservice communications platforms designed for use in field area networks. The portfolio consists of two models - each designed to operate reliably in various types of harsh environments, ranging from indoor substations to outdoor pole-top deployments. Both models are modular and support a variety of communications interfaces.

Cisco Consulting Services for Big Data and Analytics

Cisco provides strategic services, including value at stake analytics; portfolio prioritization and roadmaps; and solution design, build, implementation, and management services. Our analytics practice has deep data-science capabilities to help you unlock new business insights that are “hidden” within big data. We combine network-based data analytics with real-time streaming analytics and other data sources, both at the core and at the edge of the network, to provide repetitive and actionable business insights through a value-based consulting offering.

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Today, it’s critical to assess how platforms and trends integrate and converge. The need for IT is to become increasingly simple, smart and secure.

Want to find out how you and Cisco can make your community a better place to live? Are you wondering how to get started? From readying your infrastructure, to controlling your cloud, to accessing distributed data, we’ll help you find the answers.