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Cisco Code of Business Conduct

Our Commitment to Integrity

Customer Experience & Quality Count

I am responsible for understanding how my role ultimately impacts the customer. I will act with a Customer Experience (CX) mindset to better achieve our customers' business goals and desired outcomes, make their interactions with Cisco easier, deliver world-class products, services and solutions, and create an enjoyable overall experience. I agree to follow the Cisco Quality Policy and the Cisco Business Management System which describe our commitment to quality and our customers. Please go to the Customer Assurance and Customer Experience sites for more information.

The Manager's Role

Cisco managers have leadership responsibilities for setting a good example, encouraging an environment of open and honest communication without fear of retaliation, and taking prompt action when ethical issues are brought to their attention. They are expected to promote Cisco's ethical culture and never direct employees to achieve results that are in violation of the Cisco policies, the COBC or the law.

They also have approval responsibility for a variety of transactions on behalf of the company. As a Cisco manager or manager's proxy, you have important fiduciary responsibilities to ensure that policy requirements are met.

Corporate Social Responsibility

  • I act in a manner consistent with our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) principles.

    The company's CSR programs use responsible business practices and social investments to create long-term value. Our CSR focus areas include: transforming societies, creating an engaging employee experience, governing our business, developing and manufacturing products responsibly across the supply chain, and protecting the environment. Cisco leaders encourage all employees to be active in their communities and conserve limited resources. You can read more in the annual CSR Report or visit our CSR website .

  • Cisco values human rights.

    Cisco supports the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) and the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), a strategic policy initiative for businesses that are committed to aligning their operations and strategies with 10 universally accepted principles in the areas of human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption. We regularly evaluate and address human rights issues within our business operations and in the communities in which we operate. Learn more by viewing this short human rights training video

  • We advocate proper use of Cisco products and services.

    Cisco strongly supports free expression and open communication on the Internet. We believe the freedoms that come from connecting, including access to information, are crucial to protecting and advancing human rights.

    Our goal in developing ICT systems is to expand access to information and promote innovation. To meet this objective, we build our products on open, global standards, which we believe are critical to overcoming censorship, protecting privacy, and keeping the world connected.

    We will continue to advocate for strong freedom of expression and privacy protections, which we believe are fundamental to successful business innovation and a striving society.