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Cisco Code of Business Conduct

I Am Accurate and Ethical with Our Finances

As a Cisco employee, we all have an obligation to promote integrity throughout the organization, with responsibilities to stakeholders inside and outside of Cisco. This includes being aware of and adhering to internal financial and accounting policies. The timely, accurate handling and reporting of financial information is not only required by law, but it is also at the core of our commitment to do business honestly and ethically.

I don’t work directly with financial data or activities, so does this apply to me? Yes.

  • Responsibly and Accurately Manage Cisco Finances.

    All Cisco employees are personally responsible for any company-related funds that they control. Company funds must only be used for Cisco business purposes. Every employee must ensure we receive good value and maintain accurate and timely records for each expense. This includes anything purchased from third parties. It is a violation of the COBC to hide, falsify, misrepresent or alter documents or data regarding the use of Cisco funds.

  • Follow Cisco’s Expense Reporting Policies.

    Cisco employees are required to comply with Cisco’s Global Expense and other related policies, such as Travel, Meetings & Events, Procurement, etc. In particular, employees must submit all business expenses in approved tools where available (e.g. Oracle iExpenses) or complete a manual claim form where automated tools are not available. Cisco employees are required to accurately categorize expenses and submit them in a timely manner (within 30 days of incurring the expense). Failing to report a transaction, mischaracterization of a transaction, creation of false or inaccurate documentation, such as claiming non-business or un-approved related expenditures, is strictly prohibited.

    Travel and Expense Reporting Policies

  • Accurately Record All Sales Transactions.

    The Global Bookings Policy defines the criteria for sales transactions to be recorded as booked and the Non-Standard Deal Policy sets for the processing and approval requirements for any non-standard sales terms. Exceptions to and deviations from this or other revenue recognition controls are highly restricted and must be approved by the appropriate Cisco governing body. Violations of these controls, such as unauthorized side commitments or "soft" bookings are a serious matter.

Employees with Financial Reporting Responsibilities

In addition to the COBC, our CEO, CFO and all Finance Department employees have special obligations and are bound by the Cisco Financial Officer Code of Ethics.

This governing Code includes providing information that is accurate, complete, objective, relevant and understandable. These individuals must reinforce our company’s commitment to the fair and timely reporting of Cisco’s financial results and condition.

A violation, including failure to report potential violations, of the Financial Officer Code of Ethics will be viewed as a severe disciplinary matter and may result in personnel action, including termination of employment. If you believe that a violation has occurred, please contact Cisco Legal, the Ethics Office, or the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors. As with the COBC, it is against Cisco policy to retaliate against an employee for good-faith reporting of any potential or actual Code violations.