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Cisco Code of Business Conduct

I Use Resources Responsibly

Cisco counts on me to use good judgment to conserve and safeguard company resources, such as computers, telephones, Internet access, copiers and work supplies. I am committed to using our resources appropriately and wisely.

What’s allowed and what is prohibited?

Company assets are provided for business use.

Company assets should be used first and foremost for business purposes and to advance our strategic objectives. We each must guard against waste and abuse. Company assets include not only the physical space in which we work, but also other non-physical resources. You have no expectation of privacy when using the company's facilities or resources, as they belong to Cisco. Therefore, material transmitted or stored on company resources may be retained or reviewed.

Note: When employees use their personal devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.) for work, they still need to protect any company-related information that is exchanged or stored on those devices (refer to the "I am Trusted with Confidential and Proprietary Data".)

Be respectful and professional when using video and social media tools.

Cisco empowers employees to use social media to conduct company business, as well as to facilitate collaboration and innovation. We do not block social networking sites. As noted in our Social Media Policy, it’s very important to avoid misusing intellectual property or disclosing any confidential or restricted information (refer to the "I am Trusted with Confidential and Proprietary Data"). The rules for proper behaviors outside the internet also apply inside the “online” world. If you are ever unsure, submit a question on the Global Social Media Community discussion forum or to

  • Approved

    Business use

    Conscientious, lawful and professional use of email, computers and other communications systems for work is acceptable. This includes protecting Cisco's brand. Our copyrighted works (such as documentation, graphics, images, videos, audio recordings, and software) should only be used only for business purposes pursuant to Cisco's policies.

    Limited personal use

    Occasional use of company assets for personal reasons is permitted, within reason, as long as it does not compromise Cisco's interests or adversely affect job performance (yours or that of your coworkers).
    Note: For Diversity guidance regarding use of company resources for personal belief topics or activities, refer to the Policy on Use of Cisco Assets for Activities Relating to Employees’ Personal Beliefs.

    Political activities

    You may participate in political activities on an individual basis with your own money and on your own time.

    Proper use of internal communications channels

    Cisco internal communications (discussion forums, postings in employee communities powered by Jive, mailers, etc.) support collaboration and peer relationships. Use of these communication channels should be consistent with the Cisco values of trust, integrity, inclusion, and respect for others.

  • Prohibited
    or Requires Authorization

    Use of Cisco assets for non-company purposes:

    • Do not borrow or remove Cisco resources from company premises without proper authorization
    • Never use them to support a personal business, consulting effort or outside fundraising activity
    • Even Cisco resources that have been identified as “scrap”, garbage or destined for recycling cannot be used for non-company purposes without approval
    • Cisco trademarks should not be used on non-company materials or as part of any domain name that is not registered, used and controlled by the company

    Negative impact

    Your use of company resources should never result in significant added costs, disruption of business or any disadvantage to Cisco.

    Unlawful or offensive

    Do not access, distribute, download, or upload material that is prohibited by law or contains sexual content; or distribute or upload material containing offensive language, third party copyright protected materials without permission from the owner; or anything that would negatively reflect on Cisco; or derogatory comments about race, gender, sexual orientation, age, or religion.

    Use of Cisco assets for political purposes

    • Company Contributions – No assets, including time at work, use of Cisco premises or equipment or direct monetary payments may be contributed to a political candidate, political action committee, or ballot measure without the written permission of the Vice President of Worldwide Government Affairs. Note: Regarding personal political contributions, refer to the “I Follow the Law” section.
    • Other Activities or Lobbying – Except incidental use, using company resources to support political activity or lobbying is prohibited unless written permission is obtained from the Senior Vice President of Worldwide Government Affairs.

    Inappropriate use of internal communications channels

    • Email and mailers may not be used to solicit illegal or fraudulent activity or enable or encourage another to breach a contract.
    • Internal communications channels may not be used for political activities without the written permission of the Vice President of Worldwide Government Affairs.
  • What If...

    What Ifs - Resources

    What if I do personal activities on a Cisco computer or work phone?
    Is this OK?

    Generally, limited personal use of company resources is permitted as long as there is no significant cost for Cisco, work is not disrupted and the activities do not violate policies or laws.

    What if I have a side business that has been determined by Cisco to not be a conflict of interest? Is it OK for my clients to leave messages on my Cisco voicemail?

    Business use of company assets is only for Cisco business. Employees are not permitted to use assets to support a second job, self-employment venture or consulting effort.

    May I use a Cisco email community mailer to share the use of my subscription-based account for a paid service to other employees?

    No, you may not offer the use of your subscription account to others via Cisco community mailers. Doing so may violate the terms of the subscription and possibly create legal ramifications for you and Cisco.

    Have another question, contact the Ethics Office for assistance.

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    The multi-lingual Cisco Ethics Line is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, worldwide, with country-based toll-free phone numbers. The Ethics Line is staffed by a leading third-party reporting service. You have the option to remain anonymous* when you call; however, the investigation may be hindered if the investigator is unable to contact you for further information.

    *Please note: Some countries do not allow such concerns to be reported anonymously.

    Regular Mail

    Questions and concerns regarding accounting, internal accounting controls, or auditing matters (or other related issues) can be submitted — confidentially or anonymously — to the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors. at the following private mailbox (PMB):

    Cisco Systems, Audit Committee
    105 Serra Way, PMB #112, Milpitas, CA 95035