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Cisco Code of Business Conduct

Hi Team,

As our CEO, I have never been more excited about our future. To drive our own success — and that of our customers — we will have to drive innovation and new capabilities at a pace that we have never experienced, and be willing to change where needed.

One thing that will not change, however, is our long-standing commitment to maintaining the highest standards of business and professional conduct and compliance. Our customers, partners, and stakeholders around the world trust us, and the products and services that we deliver, because we consistently uphold strong values.

The Code of Business Conduct, or COBC, illustrates and reinforces our values and should be used as a tool to help guide you in making decisions and resolving issues you may encounter in your role. It is designed to be a year-round resource, and I encourage you to refer to it often.

If you ever have questions about the right thing to do, or feel that the COBC is being violated, I ask that you speak up — talk with your manager, contact Ethics@Cisco or Cisco Legal. You may also share concerns anonymously through the Ethics Web form, or the multi-lingual Cisco Ethics Line phone service.

It is absolutely critical for all of us at Cisco to adhere to the highest ethical standards. We owe it to our customers, partners, shareholders, and each other. Thank you for being a part of Cisco, and for continuing to uphold our strong values!


Chuck Robbins

Chuck Robbins