Back Panel

The back panel is where you connect the network devices. The ports on the panel vary depending on the model.

ISA550 and ISA550W Back Panel

ISA570 and ISA570W Back Panel

Back Panel Descriptions




Threaded connectors for the antennas (for ISA550W and ISA570W only).

USB Port

Connects the unit to a USB device. You can use a USB device to save and restore system configuration, or to upgrade the firmware.

Configurable Ports

Can be set to operate as WAN, LAN, or DMZ ports. ISA550 and ISA550W have 4 configurable ports. ISA570 and ISA570W have 5 configurable ports.

NOTE: Only one configurable port can be configured as a WAN port at a time. Up to 4 configurable ports can be configured as DMZ ports.

LAN Ports

Connects PCs and other network appliances to the unit. ISA550 and ISA550W have 2 dedicated LAN ports. ISA570 and ISA570W have 4 dedicated LAN ports.

WAN Port

Connects the unit to a DSL or a cable modem, or other WAN connectivity device.

RESET Button

To reboot the unit, push and release the RESET button for less than 3 seconds.

To restore the unit to its factory default settings, push and hold the RESET button for more than 3 seconds while the unit is powered on and the POWER/SYS light is solid green. The POWER/SYS light will flash green when the system is rebooting.

Power Switch

Powers the unit on or off.

Power Connector

Connects the unit to power using the supplied power cord and adapter.