This lab gives you the opportunity to configure basic startup settings on a Cisco 4500 Router.

If you are not already familiar with the technology, this tutorial will be more effective if you have already read the preceding sections of this module.

This lesson contains a lab simulation in which you will configure the basic startup information on a Cisco router running the Cisco IOS® Software. When you have successfully completed the lab, you should have some basic knowledge of configuring a Cisco router for startup and a better understanding of the Cisco IOS command-line interface (CLI).

This lab has the following objectives:

Available Commands



Privileged EXEC

clock set 11:56:50 11 March 1999 configure terminal
copy running-config startup-config
show clock
show interfaces serial 0
show logging
show running-config
show startup-config
show version

Global Configuration

banner motd # TechnologyDepartment #
enable password cisco
hostname CIM-Router1
interface ethernet 0
interface ethernet 1
interface serial 0
line console 0
line vty 0 4
logging buffered
service timestamps log datetime

Interface Configuration (Serial 0)

description FirstSerialInNetwork1
ip address
no ip address
no shutdown

Line Configuration

password cisco

Interface Configuration (Ethernet 0)

ip address
no shutdown

Interface Configuration (Ethernet 1)

ip address
no shutdown


The above commands are not all available on all of the routers in the simulation. Use the ? command to determine the commands available on each router.

Click on the Configuration Lab icon to the right to open the interactive simulation environment window in a new browser.

To enter commands, activate the simulation environment Telnet window by clicking in it.

To see a list of supported commands at each step of the exercise, you can enter the ? command (press the question mark at the prompt). If you need more help, check the tutorial to review the configuration instructions.

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