Cisco Discovery Service

CDS uses network "discovery" data to analyze and report device lifecycle and service contract state, in addition to a wide range of other influential network readiness information to support Cisco & Partner customer sales proposals. The resulting reports are used to identify customer network "pain points" and product improvement strategies for diverse applications like IPv6, multi-vendor inventory, video, security Cloud Intelligent Network readiness and many other product advisories. Such reports enrich sales proposals with fact-based recommendations proven to enhance demand generation for product refresh and services attach.

Cisco Discovery Service helps network assessment tools perform advanced analytics and reporting on Cisco equipment, including:

  • Lifecycle milestones, Multi-vendor inventory, Service coverage status, Security alerts, Hardware and software vulnerabilities, Product upgrade and migration recommendations
  • IPv6, Medianet, EnergyWise, TrustSec, Know the Network (Keystone), Cloud Intelligent Network readiness assessment and recommendations
  • Cost Optimization analysis

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