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Taking the Internet to the Road

Connected cars offer new possibilities for safer, more economical, efficient, and fun driving. (3:50 min)

Today's personal transportation system is inefficient and costly. Every year on a global basis:

  • There are eight million traffic accidents which cost 1.3 million lives and injure more than seven million people
  • We waste 90 billion hours in traffic jams, generating 220 million metric tons of carbon equivalent
  • Traffic congestion wastes at least $1 trillion, or two percent of the global gross domestic product (GDP)

Cisco is bringing the Internet to the road to keep roads safer, less congested, and cleaner by building a unified communications network platform for vehicles. Cisco is developing a highly secure end-to-end network architecture to optimize communication links and mobility services to and from connected cars.

The Internet of Cars

The Internet of Cars

We provide highly secure, reliable, and fast network optimization for cars.

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The "Internet of cars" will also create new business models: from building and servicing cars, providing cloud-based infotainment and location-based services, to crash prevention and intelligent traffic management.

But, it's not just business that will win. Everyone has something to gain:

  • Vehicle users can save an estimated $550 in operating expenses each year
  • Society wins by saving roughly $420 per vehicle per year by reducing the cost of crashes and traffic congestion
  • Auto manufacturers can add $300 each year per vehicle to their profitability by providing connected vehicle care
  • Connecting vehicles will give rise to entirely new businesses

Cisco communication and Internet technologies are critical in delivering new connected vehicle services through universal, highly secure connectivity from vehicle to vehicle (V2V), vehicle to infrastructure (V2X), vehicle to devices, and from vehicle to the cloud.

It's going to be an exciting ride, and Cisco is poised to help lead this exciting transportation transformation.

Vehicles Talk to Each Other

U.S. Department of Transportation demonstrates V2V communication in action. (09:51 min)

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Partnering to Connect Cars

Cisco works with industry leaders to deliver end-to-end vehicle connectivity. (03:45 min)

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Improving Safety and Convenience

Connected cars help enable innovative new services and safety features.

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