Retail Solutions That Create New Revenue Opportunities

Retail solutions from Cisco can meet changing customer demands while helping to increase efficiency in your stores.

Successful retail solutions evolve along with the demands of your customers. Consumers now expect a personalized shopping experience. A retail solution that meets the unique needs and expectations of each person who walks into your store will transform your customers into loyal advocates of your products and services.

Retail Solutions Based on a Scalable, Integrated Architecture

An effective, efficient retail solution is fully integrated. Many retailers rely on poorly integrated networks of multiple proprietary solutions. Such a network is unnecessarily complex, and managing and maintaining it requires many resources.

A Connected Retail solution from Cisco is fully integrated and lets you make the following improvements:

  • Give customers more product information faster, enabling them to make quicker and more informed purchasing decisions
  • Enhance employee productivity by giving store associates more tools to collaborate and communicate
  • Achieve and maintain PCI compliance
  • Remove servers from your stores by implementing a lean retail approach

Retail Solutions That Enhance the Customer Experience

A Cisco Connected Retail solution enhances the customer experience through several features:

  • Cisco Wireless Solutions makes it easy for you to deliver controlled guest access to enhance the shopping experience and proactively engage with customers
  • Cisco SocialMiner helps you proactively respond to shoppers communicating through public social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, or other public forums or blogging sites
  • Cisco store operations and video analytics help you manage and measure your customer experience in the store
  • Cisco Digital Signage and Cisco Interactive Services keeps your customers more informed and engaged

Retail Solutions That Accelerate Employee Productivity

A Cisco Connected Retail solution accelerates employee productivity through several features:

Retail Solutions That Help You Achieve and Maintain PCI Compliance

The PCI Solution for Retail offers a comprehensive retail solution to help keep customers' credit card information secure.

Retail Solutions That Make Your Retail Architecture More Efficient

The Cisco lean retail approach helps you move your IT infrastructure to a virtual environment, simplifying management and significantly increasing cost savings.

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