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Make Holiday Shopping Enjoyable

See 10 ways to create the ultimate shopping experience.

Make Holiday Shopping Enjoyable
Make Holiday Shopping Enjoyable

Foundation For the Future

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Innovation on the Fashion Runway

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A Dynamic New Retail Experience

Few industries are changing more rapidly than today's retail sector. Retailers are looking for new ways to stay relative and competitive while coping with:

  • A still-turbulent economy
  • New selling channels
  • Advanced digital technologies
  • Increasingly demanding consumers

Forward thinking retailers are changing the way they think about the shopper journey. Based on new habits, retailers are bringing together the digital, mobile, and in-store experiences for today’s consumers. Innovation is key, and staying ahead of the competition means inspiring shoppers.

By capitalizing on the strength of the network, Cisco Connected Retail solutions keep you in sync with the newest technology trends. You can deploy innovative solutions that can retain shoppers for a lifetime.

What Connected Consumers Want

Is Your Business Customer-Centric?

See the benefits the Internet of Things (IoT) offers you and your customers. (PDF - 14 KB)

Maximize Retail Profitability

Maximize Retail Profitability

Offer an omnichannel environment to better serve customers. (PDF – 548 KB)

Keeping Customers Connected

Keeping Customers Connected

Through the Internet of Everything, F&F Clothing keeps customers coming back by keeping them connected (Video)

Retail Solutions

  • Cisco Store in a Box

    Consolidate and run your critical store systems economically from a single server.

  • Analytics Solutions for Retail

    Enable gathering and assessment of data to drive the customer journey and streamline operations.

  • Cisco Smart Lockers

    Locker-based delivery becomes a new retail channel with Cisco's next-generation system, providing service and promotions opportunities along with secure pickup and return

  • Connected Mobile Experiences (CMX)

    Personalize the shopping journey, engaging shoppers with relevant mobile content offered in real time based on in-store location

  • Remote Expert/Mobile Advisor

    Offer superior, on-demand video collaboration with product experts and customer service as a mobile app, self-service kiosk, or immersive experience

  • Digital Media Store Experience

    A comprehensive suite of signage technology and mobile applications that help increase sales, enhance customer experience, and facilitate training

  • Cisco PCI Compliance Solution

    Helping you stay compliant to safeguard customer data and improve overall store security.

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