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Increase Sales Performance and Enhance Customer Service

Attract and retain a customer-focused sales force. Use the Cisco In-Store Digital Media solution to offer dynamic content such as training videos, educational information, human resources announcements, and product information.

This comprehensive suite of Cisco Digital Signs and Cisco Cast is managed from a single platform that is scalable to thousands of users to help facilitate employee communications and learning. It is based on the Cisco Digital Media Suite, a flexible and comprehensive solution for digital signs and desktop video that makes it easy to create, manage, publish, and access high-quality digital media for compelling communications. Digital Signs can also be used to deliver product demonstrations, selling strategies strategy guidance, and other educational material topics designed to improve sales and customer service effectiveness. When staff has access to up-to-date information, they are empowered to make smarter decisions faster and deliver improved support for all areas of the business.

Increase Sales with Cisco Digital Signs for Retail

Increase Sales with Cisco Digital Signs for Retail

Watch how Digital Signs can increase profits and enhance employee productivity. (4:00 min)

Increase Sales with Cisco Digital Signs for Retail

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Increase sales, enhance customer experience, and facilitate learning with this comprehensive suite of Cisco Digital Signs, Cisco Cast and Cisco Show and Share applications.

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