Customer Experience Transformation

Customer Experience Transformation

Kroma Makeup Increases Sales and Saves Money

See how cosmetics retailer and wholesaler Kroma uses Digital Signs to drive sales and improve customer service. (3:54 min)

Kroma Makeup Increases Sales and Saves Money

Enhance the Customer Experience

Whether your customers are in the store, online, or on the phone, they expect to get the service they need promptly and efficiently. Great service improves loyalty and grows top-line revenues.

On the phone, a great experience means answering calls quickly and routing customers to the right resource immediately, regardless of where that associate may be located.

Online, a great experience means easy access to the right information or resource whether that information resides in an online repository or through personal interaction with a web agent.

In the store, good service means delighting customers with your brand, store appearance, merchandising, and knowledgeable and attentive staff on the sales floor.


  • Store Operations Analytics with Scopix

    Increase revenue, enhance the customer experience, and improve employee efficiency with Scopix Video Analytics for Store Operations.

  • Digital Signs Solution

    Increase sales, enhance the customer experience, and facilitate learning with this comprehensive suite of signage applications.

  • TelePresence for Retail

    Transform the delivery of customer and point-of-sale services with this immersive collaboration solution.

Kroma Makeup Increases Sales and Saves Money

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