Employee Optimization

Unified Workspace for Retail

Improve Omnichannel Shopping and Operations

Mobile tech-savvy consumers and employees are creating new challenges for retailers. Consumers want anytime, anywhere Internet access while they shop. Employees want bring-your-own-device (BYOD) flexibility in stores and in the retail work environment. The Cisco Unified Workspace can help retailers address these challenges while maintaining operational spending controls and network security.

The Cisco Unified Workspace delivers a “retail your way” solution that supports fixed, mobile, and virtual access to information and applications across the retail business. This unique offering includes the Cisco BYOD Smart Solution and the Cisco Virtualization Experience Infrastructure (VXI) Smart Solution.

With the Cisco Unified Workspace, retailers can cost-effectively:

  • Capitalize on wireless to turn omnichannel shoppers into loyal customers
  • Enable simplified "shop the way you want" experiences for consumers using Wi-Fi enabled mobile phones and tablets
  • Improve employee productivity and customer service with a highly secure BYOD environment
  • Maintain a unified policy and intelligent controls across mobile devices
  • Provide a more productive work experience through a virtual workspace with comprehensive collaboration capabilities, including voice and video

Deliver a dynamic omnichannel shopping experience and improve employee productivity with a secure "any device" strategy and virtual workspace environment.

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