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Promoting Patient Engagement

Care teams and patients collaborate online to promote health and wellness.

Promoting Patient Engagement

More Easily Interact with Patients Remotely

Improve access, continuity of care, patient outcomes, and satisfaction. Facilitate remote patient engagement and care team interactions with Cisco Extended Care. This telehealth collaboration platform transforms the clinician experience. It delivers interactive visual communications and collaboration between patients and remote healthcare providers at any time, from anywhere.

Virtual Care Rooms
Patients and care teams connect remotely using video collaboration.

Virtual Waiting Room
Patients wait in a virtual room, with an appointment queue based on triage protocol.

Online Questionnaire
Patients complete the questionnaire for providers before consultations begin.

Adhoc Virtual Visits
Patients or physicians can initiate adhoc visits as needed

Wellness Education
Patients have access to content that can help them live healthier lives.

Improve Access to Care

Improve Access to Care

Connect patients and physicians using smart devices. (PDF - 331 KB)

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Manage the Top and Bottom Line

Manage the Top and Bottom Line

Improve patient care and expand services to more patients. (PDF - 1.4 MB)

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