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Cloud Computing for Healthcare

Use a Cloud to Deliver Healthcare

See how CareCore National improved its business by moving to a cloud. (3:50 min)

Use a Cloud to Deliver Healthcare

Accelerate Delivery of Healthcare Services

Take advantage of a world of many clouds to improve the quality of patient care and simplify clinical workflows.

The healthcare industry is going through a major transformation, with the four main segments of the industry worldwide under pressure to adapt and change. The four segments of the healthcare industry include providers, payers (which in many cases are governments), life sciences and pharmaceutical companies, and medical device manufacturers (MDMs).

Providers are being challenged to improve productivity and the overall the quality of patient care, and at the same time reduce the cost structure. This is propelling significant consolidation in the marketplace - evident in the United States, for example, in the move toward accountable care organizations (ACOs).

Payers and governments worldwide are striving for better wellness and are rewarding preventative behaviors.

Life science and pharmaceutical companies need to boost innovation in an increasingly competitive environment characterized by the rise of generic medicine.

MDMs must balance innovation with cost as they develop products for an aging population.

All of these challenges lead to one overarching goal-improve quality of patient care and do so in the most effective and cost-efficient manner.

Cisco Cloud Computing for Healthcare

Cisco Cloud Computing uniquely combines the Cisco Unified Data Center, Cisco Cloud Intelligent Network, and innovative cloud services into an integrated architecture. This helps healthcare organizations deliver highly secure and scalable cloud-based services.

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  • Cisco Unified Data Center (UDC)

    UDC brings together computing, network, and storage resources into an integrated platform for delivering IT services within and between data centers.

  • Cisco Cloud Intelligent Network

    Cloud Intelligent Network enhances Cisco routing and switching solutions with cloud intelligence and integrates with Cisco UDC to create a platform for delivering cloud services to customers, and for connecting with other clouds and automating management.

  • Cisco Collaboration Cloud Portfolio

    This portfolio allows companies to provide a rich, interactive, and compelling user experience. It includes hosted applications and services based on Cisco Unified Communications, Cisco TelePresence solutions, and applications for customer contact, meetings, instant messaging, presence, and mobility.

  • Cisco Services

    Cisco Services supports Cisco Cloud Computing with a portfolio of Cisco cloud enablement services to help healthcare organizations quickly realize the full value of cloud computing. Flexible commercial terms enable healthcare organizations to reduce the risk of moving to cloud-based service delivery.