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Get information and access documents related to the New WSCA -NASPO Data Communications Products and Service Contract #AR233 (14-19) based on BID# JP14001. Get the latest status and updated current activity.

Bid #: JP14001

Bid Name: Data Communications Products and Services

Bid Start Date: July 1, 2013

Bid End Date: August 30, 2013

Contract #: AR233 (14-19)

Contract Start Date: June 1, 2014

Contract Duration: 5 years

Contract End Date: May 31, 2019

Lead State: State of Utah

Award Date: Cisco was awarded the contract on December 16, 2013

Awarded Subcategories (Scope): Products and Services

  • Data Center Apps
  • Networking Software
  • Network Optimization
  • Optical Networking
  • Routers
  • Security
  • Storage Networking
  • Switches
  • Wireless
  • Unified Communications (including Videoconferencing i.e. TelePresence & formerly Tandberg)

Discounts: Please refer to Exhibit 1 to Attachment C DOC Icon - Cost Schedule for further details

Product Discount: 35%

Service Discount:

Cisco SMARTnet Discount % (Government) Discount % (Education)
1-Year Contract 10% 25%
3-Year Prepaid Contract* 17% 28%
5-Year Prepaid Contract* 21% 30%

Technical/Maintenance Services (Not Under SMARTnet Program) 10%

Training/Learning Credits 0%

Advanced Services (Non-SOW Based) 0%

Participating States: All 50 states will have the opportunity to participate if they choose to do so. Cisco will work with each State, starting with the existing States partipating on the current WSCA AR-233 contract, individually on their Participating Addendum. Interest and status for each State may be found on the PAs Status tab.

Cisco Bid Response

Cisco Executed Contracts

Executed Participating Addendums

Cisco Participating Addendum Template

Cisco Reporting Requirements:

Updated as of 9/22/14

The new Cisco WSCA-NASPO Data Communications Products and Services Master Agreement AR-233 was fully executed on March 20, 2014. The Participating Addendum (PA) template is finalized and Cisco has begun negotiations with States. Please refer to the tables below for status on the State PAs:

Participating Addendum Status

Area State Status State Contact
West Alaska EXECUTED Matthew Pegues
West California EXECUTED Bonnie Bahnsen
East DC Negotiating PA Azad Yunus
East Delaware EXECUTED William Pickrum
West Hawaii EXECUTED Stan Mato
West Idaho EXECUTED Gregory Lindstrom
West Iowa EXECUTED Karl Wendt
East Kentucky EXECUTED Stephanie Williams
East Louisiana EXECUTED Kim Gueho
East Michigan EXECUTED Michael Breen
West Missouri EXECUTED Brent Dixon
West Montana EXECUTED Rick Dorvall
West Nevada EXECUTED Marti Marsh
East New Hampshire EXECUTED Paul Rhodes
East New Jersey EXECUTED Vicente Azarcon
West Oregon EXECUTED Lori Nordlien
West South Dakota EXECUTED Steven Berg
West Utah EXECUTED Jeff Mottishaw
West Washington EXECUTED Neva Peckham
West Wisconsin DECLINED TO PARTICIPATE Helen Mccain
West Wyoming EXECUTED Dean Jeffries

New States Expressed Interest

Area State Status State Contact
East Florida Negotiating PA TBD
West Illinois To be updated soon TBD
East Maine To be updated soon TBD
West New Mexico Begun Review Paul Kippert
West North Dakota To be updated soon TBD
East South Carolina Begun Review Norma Hall
East West Virginia To be updated soon TBD

Participating Addendum STATUS KEY

KEY Details
Begun Review State is reviewing new Master Agreement and PA Template
Draft PA Cisco or State has begun drafting or drafted unique State terms and conditions on PA Template
Negotiating PA Cisco & State are actively negotiating PA terms and conditions
Executed PA Cisco and State have fully executed PA

Participating States on Current Contract Partner Onboarding Status

Area State Partner Onboarding Approach Application Due Date Status
West Alaska Select June 13, 2014 Authorized to Sell
West California Keep Pending Executed PA
East DC TBD Pending Executed PA
East Delaware Keep Authorized to Sell
West Hawaii Select Authorized to Sell
West Idaho Keep July 7, 2014 Authorized to Sell
West Iowa Select August 1, 2014 Authorized to Sell
East Kentucky Select July 8, 2014 Authorized to Sell
East Louisiana Keep Authorized to Sell
East Michigan Select June 25, 2014 Authorized to Sell
West Missouri Keep August 1, 2014 Authorized to Sell
West Montana Keep Authorized to Sell
West Nevada Select May 23, 2014 Authorized to Sell
East New Hampshire Select June 13, 2014 Authorized to Sell
East New Jersey Keep Authorized to Sell
West Oregon Keep July 3, 2014 Authorized to Sell
West South Dakota Canvass Authorized to Sell
West Utah Keep May 2, 2014 Authorized to Sell
West Washington Select May 22, 2014 Authorized to Sell
West Wyoming Canvass Authorized to Sell

New States Expressed Interest Partner Onboarding Status

Area State Partner Onboarding Approach State Contact
East Florida Select Pending Executed PA
West Illinois Select Pending Executed PA
East Maine Select Pending Executed PA
West New Mexico Select Pending Executed PA
West North Dakota Select Pending Executed PA
East South Carolina Select Pending Executed PA
East West Virginia Select Pending Executed PA

Partner Onboarding STATUS KEY

KEY Details
Keep Existing Partners on the CURRENT contract will be transitioned over to the NEW contract if all requirements listed in "Administrative" Status have been met. New Partner additions will be considered after all Participating States have been fully implemented if the Participating State authorizes Cisco to add new Partners.
Select Cisco will invite Partners to apply for a limited number of slots to become an Authorized Reseller in this Participating State. Partners will be selected based on predetermined objective selection criteria.
Pending Executed PA Cisco is still in negotiations with the State on the Participating Addendum and cannot begin onboarding activities until the PA is executed
Internal Prep Participating Addendum has been executed and CMO is working with the State and Cisco Sales team to determine the selection criteria.
Application Application has been sent out to Partners; pending Partner Submissions; or submissions are being reviewed and finalized for final Partner Selection.
Selection Final Partners selected and sent to the State for review and final approval. Partners will be notified only after approval has been received from the State to proceed.
Administrative Selected Partners must pass all Legal and Financial due diligence checks; complete all Cisco and State required paperwork and requirements; and execute a USPSS.
Authorized to Sell Selected Partners have completed all administrative onboarding requirements, has been or will shortly be published on the Website as an Authorized Reseller, and has received the official Cisco notice that they are Authorized to Sell.

Authorized Cisco Resellers/Partners

If your company is already an active authorized reseller on the current AR-233 contract for any existing Participating State, you do NOT need to do anything. Cisco will AUTOMATICALLY notify your company of all updates and activities regarding the new contract per your company's contact info on file with Cisco.

If your company is NOT currently active on the AR-233 contract and is interested in joining our mailing list to receive notifications regarding the new WSCA-NASPO contract, please send an email Email Icon with the following details:

  1. Full Legal Company Name
  2. DBA and/or Affiliate Company Name
  3. Contact Person's Name (First & Last)
  4. Email Address (mailer alias is acceptable if multiple persons want to receive notifications)
  5. Participating State(s) interested in (Note: A majority of States may require resellers to have a physical office located within the State's borders)

Cisco Public Sector Channels/Sales/Commercial teams

For any questions or inquiries regarding the new WSCA contract, please send an email Email Icon with the following details:

  1. Full Name
  2. Title
  3. Email Address
  4. Participating State(s) you cover
  5. Detailed inquiry/request