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Managed Services: Empowering Government

Managed Services: Empowering Government

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About Networx

The Networx program supports the federal government's current and future IT requirements. Cisco participates in the contract through federal contractors and service providers. Created by the U.S. General Services Administration, the Networx program:

  • Is the largest telecommunications contract in federal government history
  • Provides all federal government agencies with comprehensive, best-value:
    • Telecommunications
    • Networking services
    • Technical solutions
  • Will serve as the primary replacement for the expiring FTS2001 and crossover contracts, as well as federal government wireless contracts

Networx introduces new technology, industry partners, and ways to achieve a more efficient and effective government. It will provide a framework that supports:

  • Cross-agency collaboration
  • Transformation
  • Government-wide technology improvement

Service providers must offer the most current features and services to help ensure a robust, reliable, and secure government-operating environment.

Networx: Programs and Service Providers

The Networx program is subdivided into two areas that collectively satisfy today's needs while providing a path to the next-generation network. Each area provides a broad range of services and systems, including everything from legacy Frame Relay and ATM services to innovative VPNs and voice over IP (VoIP).

Networx Universal Services (PDF - 25 KB)

  • Contractors provide a full range of FTS2001 services to meet current government requirements, as well as more than 20 new services emphasizing next-generation IP-based networks.
  • Contractors provide service to:
    • All government locations that existing programs currently cover
    • All commercial locations that the contractors serve
  • Service providers include:

Networx Enterprise Services (PDF - 24 KB)

Networx: Additional Information

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