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Incorporating Managed Services into an Enterprise Architecture Strategy

As the mission of federal agencies expands, so too does its operational challenges - all while budgets and resources are further constrained. This reality - combined with concerns about security, reliability, and relinquishment of control - is driving agencies once skeptical of the benefits of adopting managed services to reevaluate the merit of today's managed services options.

More and more agencies are discovering that out-tasking specific infrastructure services to proven, experienced service providers results in tangible benefits. Beyond securely increasing services availability, the managed services model has been shown to enable agency personnel to focus on the agency's core mission objectives. Equally important, many agencies employing managed services are realizing tangible cost savings in the form of improved IT service performance, reduced labor and training costs, and an overall reduction in capital burden.

With a range of managed services businesses vying for federal contracts, this paper aims to clarify the perceived and actual advantages associated with moving to this model, while sharing lessons learned in the form of industry best practices for implementing such services.

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