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IPv6 Certified List

Today, all civilian agency networks are required by law to be IPv6-capable. These US Government agencies are required to procure only IPv6 products that are USGv6-certified. Cisco is playing a key role in driving that transition from IPv4 to IPv6 by providing IPv6-capable products and architectures to our government customers. Cisco is an active member in USGv6, DoD and the IPv6 Ready Program certifications.

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Table 1. US Government version 6 (USGv6) Tested Product List

Cert / TN Number Certification Subtypes Title External Certification
GCT-5443.2 Ready Logo Unfied Computing System (UCS) Central - RL N/A
IPV01 USGv6 FWSM (7600 Series) Certification
IPV02 USGv6 FWSM (6500 Series) Certification
IPV03 USGv6 IPS (4200 Series) Certification
IPV04 USGv6 IOS-FW Certification
IPV05 USGv6 ASA ASM 6500 Certification
IPV06 USGv6 IP Phone 7861/7841/7821 Certification
IPV06-RL Ready Logo IP Phone 7861/7841/7821 Certification
IPV07 USGv6 ASA (5500 Series) Certification
IPV08 USGv6 ASA 5585 Certification
IPV09 USGv6 ASA Router Certification
IPV09-RL Ready Logo ASA Router Certification
IPV10 USGv6 ASA (5500 Series) 8.4.2 Certification
IPV11 USGv6 CRS-1 Certification
IPV12 USGv6 7600 Series USGv6 Certification
IPV13 USGv6 7200 Series Certification
IPV13-RL Ready Logo 7200 Series Certification
IPV14 USGv6 Cat 6K-SUP2T Certification
IPV14-RL Ready Logo Cat 6K-SUP2T Certification
IPV15 USGv6 Cat 6500 Series Certification
IPV15-RL Ready Logo Cat 6500 Series Certification
IPV16 USGv6 5940 Certification
IPV16-RL Ready Logo 5940 Certification
IPV17 USGv6 Cat 4948E Series Certification
IPV17-RL Ready Logo Cat 4948E Series Certification
IPV18 USGv6 Cat 4900M Series Certification
IPV18-RL Ready Logo Cat 4900M Series Certification
IPV19 USGv6 Cat 4K-Sup7LE Series Certification
IPV19-RL Ready Logo Cat 4K-Sup7LE Series Certification
IPV20 USGv6 Cat 4K-Sup7E Series Certification
IPV20-RL Ready Logo Cat 4K-Sup7E Series Certification
IPV21 USGv6 Cat 4500 Series Certification
IPV21-RL Ready Logo Cat 4500 Series Certification
IPV22 USGv6 Cat 4500X Series Certification
IPV22-RL Ready Logo Cat 4500X Series Certification
IPV23 USGv6 ISR-G2 IPSec Certification
IPV24 USGv6 ISR-G2 IPSec Certification
IPV25-RL Ready Logo Nexus 7K Certification
IPV26 USGv6 Cat 3750 Series Certification
IPV26-RL Ready Logo Cat 3750 Series Certification
IPV27 USGv6 Cat 31xx Series Blade Switches Certification
IPV27-RL Ready Logo Cat 31xx Series Blade Switches Certification
IPV28 USGv6 ASR 1000 Series (with IPSecv3 & IKEv2) Certification
IPV28-RL Ready Logo ASR 1000 Series (with IPSecv3 & IKEv2) Certification
IPV29 USGv6 Cat 30xx Series Blade Switches Certification
IPV29-RL Ready Logo Cat 30xx Series Blade Switches Certification
IPV30 USGv6 Cisco 5760 USGv6 Certification
IPV30-RL Ready Logo Cisco 5760 RL Certification
IPV31 USGv6 Cat 3850 Series Certification
IPV31-RL Ready Logo Cat 3850 Series Certification
IPV32 USGv6 3900 Series Certification
IPV32-RL Ready Logo 3900 Series Certification
IPV33 USGv6 2900 Series ISR-G2 Routers Certification
IPV33-RL Ready Logo 2900 Series ISR-G2 Routers Certification
IPV34 USGv6 1900 Series Certification
IPV34-RL Ready Logo 1900 Series Certification
IPV35 USGv6 3800 Series Certification
IPV35-RL Ready Logo 3800 Series Certification
IPV36 USGv6 2800 Series Certification
IPV36-RL Ready Logo 2800 Series Certification
IPV37 USGv6 1800 Series Certification
IPV37-RL Ready Logo 1800 Series Certification
IPV38 USGv6 ASR 9K Certification
IPV39 USGv6 ASR1000 Series Retest Certification
IPV39-RL Ready Logo ASR1000 Series Retest Certification
IPV40 USGv6 ASR 1000 Series Certification
IPV41 USGv6 891 Series Certification
IPV41-RL Ready Logo 891 Series Certification
IPV42 USGv6 ISR 893GW (Inception) Certification
IPV42-RL Ready Logo ISR 893GW (Inception) Certification
IPV43 USGv6 5915 Certification
IPV43-RL Ready Logo 5915 Certification
IPV44 USGv6 ASR 901 Certification
IPV44-RL Ready Logo ASR 901 Certification
IPV45 USGv6 Cat 3750X Series Certification
IPV45-RL Ready Logo Cat 3750X Series Certification
IPV46 USGv6 Cat 3560C, 3560X Series Certification
IPV46-RL Ready Logo Cat 3560C, 3560X Series Certification
IPV47 USGv6 Cat 3560 Series Certification
IPV47-RL Ready Logo Cat 3560 Series Certification
IPV48 USGv6 Cat 2960, 2960C Series Certification
IPV48-RL Ready Logo Cat 2960, 2960C Series Certification
IPV49 USGv6 VXI Certification
IPV49-RL Ready Logo VXI Certification
IPV50 USGv6 Sx500 Series Certification
IPV50-RL Ready Logo Sx500 Series Certification
IPV51 USGv6 Sx300 Series Certification
IPV51-RL Ready Logo Sx300 Series Certification
IPV52 USGv6 WAP4410 (Sercomm ODM) Certification
IPV52-RL Ready Logo WAP4410 (Sercomm ODM) Certification
IPV53 USGv6 CNR DHCPv6 Server Certification
IPV54 USGv6 MDS 9200 Series Certification
IPV54-RL Ready Logo MDS 9200 Series Certification
IPV55 USGv6 ACE 4710 Certification
IPV55-RL Ready Logo ACE 4710 Certification
IPV56 USGv6 ACE 30 - 6500 Blade Certification
IPV56-RL Ready Logo ACE 30 - 6500 Blade Certification
IPV57 USGv6 ACE 30 - 7600 Blade Certification
IPV57-RL Ready Logo ACE 30 - 7600 Blade Certification
IPV58 USGv6 ASA ASM 6500 Certification
IPV59 USGv6 ASR-1002-X Certification
IPV59-RL Ready Logo ASR-1002-X Certification
IPV60 USGv6 ASA-IPS Certification
IPV61 USGv6 Linksys E4200 Certification
IPV61-RL Ready Logo Linksys E4200 Certification
IPV62 USGv6 IDS (4200 Series) Certification
IPV63 USGv6 RV180, 180W, 215, 215W Certification
IPV63-RL Ready Logo RV180, 180W, 215, 215W Certification
IPV64 USGv6 IP Phone 6961/6941/6921 Certification
IPV64-RL Ready Logo IP Phone 6961/6941/6921 Certification
IPV65 USGv6 IP Phone 79xx Series Certification
IPV65-RL Ready Logo IP Phone 79xx Series Certification
IPV66 USGv6 Virtualization Experience Client 6215 Certification
IPV66-RL Ready Logo Virtualization Experience Client 6215 Certification
IPV67 USGv6 IP Phone 3905 Certification
IPV67-RL Ready Logo IP Phone 3905 Certification
IPV68 USGv6 IP Phone 6945 Certification
IPV68-RL Ready Logo IP Phone 6945 Certification
IPV69 USGv6 IP Phone 89xx/99xx Certification
IPV69-RL Ready Logo IP Phone 89xx/99xx Certification
IPV70 USGv6 NAM Appliance 6.0 Certification
IPV70-RL Ready Logo NAM Appliance 6.0 Certification
IPV71 USGv6 NAM-3 6.0 Blade Certification
IPV71-RL Ready Logo NAM-3 6.0 Blade Certification
IPV72 USGv6 NAM-NX1 Blade Certification
IPV72-RL Ready Logo NAM-NX1 Blade Certification
IPV73 USGv6 SM-SRE NAM Blade Certification
IPV73-RL Ready Logo SM-SRE NAM Blade Certification
IPV74 USGv6 Cat 4K-Sup8E Series Certification
IPV74-RL Ready Logo Cat 4K-Sup8E Series Certification
IPV75 USGv6 Nexus 7K Certification
IPV75-RL Ready Logo Nexus 7K Certification
IPV76 USGv6 ESR 5921 Barramundi USGv6 Certification
IPV76-RL Ready Logo ESR 5921 Barramundi RL Certification
IPV77 USGv6 ESR 5930 KOI USGv6 Certification
IPV77-RL Ready Logo ESR 5930 KOI RL Certification
IPV78 USGv6 IP Phones 8800 10.2.1 - USGv6 Certification
IPV78-RL Ready Logo Cisco IP Phones 8800 10.2.1 - Ready Logo Certification
IPV79 USGv6 IP Phones DX650, DX70, DX80 - v10.2.1 or later Certification
IPV79-RL Ready Logo IP Phones DX650, DX70, DX80 - v10.2.1 or later Certification
IPV80 USGv6 IP Phone 8811 - v10.2.2 or later - USGv6 Certification
IPV80-RL Ready Logo IP Phone 8811 - v10.2.2 or later - Ready Logo Certification
IPV81 USGv6 6880-X USGv6 Certification
IPV81-RL Ready Logo 6880-X RL Certification
IPV82 USGv6 6807 with Sup 2T USGv6 Certification
IPV82-RL Ready Logo 6807 with Sup2T RL Certification
IPV83 USGv6 CSR 1000V USGv6 Certification
IPV83-RL Ready Logo CSR 1000V Ready Logo Certification
IPV84 USGv6 CUCM 10 USGv6 Certification
IPV84-RL Ready Logo CUCM 10 RL Certification
IPV85 USGv6 ISR 4451-X USGv6 Certification
IPV85-RL Ready Logo ISR 4451-X RL Certification
IPV86 USGv6 WLAN Wireless Controllers USGv6 Certification
IPV86-RL Ready Logo WLAN Wireless Controllers RL Certification
IPV87 USGv6 WLAN WISM2 USGv6 Certification
IPV87-RL Ready Logo WLAN WISM2 RL Certification
IPV88 USGv6 WLAN LAPs USGv6 Certification
IPV88-RL Ready Logo WLAN LAPs RL Certification
IPV89 USGv6 WLAN PI USGv6 Certification
IPV89-RL Ready Logo WLAN PI RL Certification
IPV90 USGv6 WLAN MSE USGv6 Certification
IPV90-RL Ready Logo WLAN MSE RL Certification
IPV91 USGv6 Cat 3650 Series Certification
IPV91-RL Ready Logo Cat 3650 Series Certification
IPV92 USGv6 Cat 2960X Series Certification
IPV92-RL Ready Logo Cat 2960X Series Certification
IPV93 USGv6 Cat 2960XR Series Certification
IPV93-RL Ready Logo Cat 2960XR Series Certification
IPV94 USGv6 Unfied Computing System (UCS) Central - USGv6 Certification