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Networx Transformation

Today's federal CIOs and their staffs face numerous challenges, including security, compliance, collaboration, operational efficiencies, and cost containment. At the same time, several initiatives including technology and policy changes, new contract vehicles, and agency-wide initiatives have aligned to transform our government's internal and public-facing communications strategies. Two of the most significant—the U.S. General Services Administration's Networx contract and the Office of Management and Budget's (OMB) Trusted Internet Connection (TIC) initiatives—present significant challenges, and potential rewards for agencies that can capitalize on these initiatives.

The Networx Transition

Uniquely positioned to help agencies make successful transformations, Cisco offers valuable solutions to meet these new requirements and to help you develop and execute your migration plan. Cisco's dedicated teams for each of the Networx primes have the capability to align agency requirements with Cisco's innovative solutions to maximize the Networx contract opportunity. This means a movement to the managed services model, so that the agency's operational role evolves from the agency being the provider of IT services to overseeing providers. Now agencies can focus on mission needs and evolve from a capital expenditure (CapEx) to an operational expenditure (OpEx) spending model, providing a predictable cost structure and a reduced risk of technology obsolescence.

Scalability and Investment Protection

Investing over US$4 billion annually in research and development, agencies throughout the federal government can rest assured that Cisco will be there to support them now and in the future. Cisco continues to innovate in every area, from network infrastructure solutions to advanced applications such as high-definition video collaboration with Cisco TelePresence. You can rely on Cisco to bring networking and collaboration to new heights and provide the best support possible in serving your agency.

Security Solutions

Cisco has worked with leading technology partners such as Microsoft and EMC to develop a framework that supports secure collaboration. The Secure Information Sharing Architecture (SISA) empowers agencies to securely collaborate with both internal and external parties, helping to meet TIC requirements while leveraging existing investments and readily available components. SISA is a key element of the Cisco Self-Defending Network, where security is pervasive throughout the network, enabling network and security components to work seamlessly together to configure, manage, and monitor these assets while ensuring FISMA compliancy.

What You'll Learn

In this document, you'll learn how Cisco is helping agencies achieve their missions while fulfilling these new government objectives.