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Speeding Fire Evacuation

Sheriffs use Cisco solutions to hasten evacuation during San Diego fire. (1:26 min)

Speeding Fire Evacuation

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Connect Anywhere, Anytime

Give your organization the tools your people need to stay connected during day-to-day operations and when responding to emergencies. Specific solutions are available for mobile devices and workers in addition to first responders and emergency response.


Cisco Open Platform for Safety and Security At-A-Glance (PDF - 1 MB)

Increase Public Safety with Cisco Mobile Solutions Brochure (PDF - 170 KB)

Deploy Networks Anywhere with Ruggedized Routers At-A-Glance (PDF - 180 KB)

Featured Case Study

Greece Scales Wireless Nationwide

Public wireless hotspots improve communication nationwide. (PDF - 1 MB)


Cisco Open Platform for Safety and Security

This architectural framework protects your workforce, citizens, and assets.

Mobile Government Public Safety

Increase flexibility, collaboration, and productivity for government workers.

Smart Work Centers

Connecting remote workers increases service levels and employee satisfaction.

IP-Enabled Emergency Response

Police, fire, and emergency-response teams increase productivity and cut costs.

Rapidly Deployable Communications

Extend home-office capabilities to the field–where you need it most.

Cisco Mobile Ready Network

Deploy this advanced solution in any environment or means of transportation.

Virtual Private Network Products

Enhance security for mobile employees with Cisco's industry-leading products.


Services for Government

Accelerate government productivity initiatives. Develop strategies to create more secure and effective communication infrastructures.