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Design and deploy a network, using tested, validated Cisco solutions. (3:27 min)

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Simplify Success with Cisco Design Guidance

Cisco leads the industry in creating design guides based on actual networks, built and tested by teams of experienced engineers. Cisco Design Guidance includes:

  • Cisco Smart Business Architecture (SBA) for Government, which provides an excellent overview
  • Cisco Validated Designs, which offer advanced guidance for more sophisticated needs
  • Cisco Validated Designs for Government, which address government-specific design considerations


Smart Business Architecture for Government

Cisco Validated Designs: At-a-Glance (PDF - 70 KB)


Smart Business Architecture for Government

Obtain tested, validated solutions for common design and deployment needs.

Cisco Validated Designs

Get guidance for sophisticated needs, based on tested, validated solutions.

Cisco Designs for Government

Get advanced guidance on urban security, unified communications, and more.


Services for Government

Accelerate government productivity initiatives. Develop strategies to create more secure and effective communication infrastructures.