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PCI Connected Payments

Build a Secure Foundation for Payments

Secure payments are an essential requirement for every insurance business, not only to protect business assets but also to help ensure the safety of customer data. The payment card industry and merchant banks require that all companies that process, transmit, and store payment data follow the PCI Data Security Standard (DSS).

Secure Your Insurance Data

Cisco PCI 2.0 helps you to effectively meet the PCI Data Security Standard. (3:17 min)

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The Cisco Payment Card Industry (PCI) Connected Payments solution can help you secure cardholder data, customer privacy, and your business assets at every point across your business: from the data center and contact center, to agency/broker offices, and across e-commerce sites and payment processors.

Cisco also offers the flexibility you need to assess and manage your system as standards change in the future.

Deploying this solution can help you:

  • Build loyalty by ensuring that you're able to reliably safeguard personal data for your agents, employees and customers alike
  • Securely expand your network to add other technologies--such as wireless applications and devices, ecommerce applications, or unified communications--as and when you're ready
  • Enjoy greater flexibility by giving you the freedom to assess and manage your system as needed

Secure Your Insurance Data

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Solution Overview

From adaptive security appliances to transaction logs, discover what your business needs to help secure data and ensure consumer privacy.

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