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Make Field Operations Visible

Experts guide remote operations in real time to save money and improve safety. (4:14 min)

Collaborative Operations for Oil and Gas

The Cisco Collaborative Operations Solution (COS) accelerates workflows and problem resolution with improved information gathering and expert communications. This improves decision making and business outcomes for energy companies, and it reduces expensive operational issues.

COS At A Glance: Deliver real-time information and visuals to promote informed decision making, increase on-site safety, and reduce flat time.

COS Overview: Learn how to combine voice, video, and data communication through the network and allow seamless easy collaboration between workers and experts in the field and the office.

COS Video: See how this solution helps experts located anywhere in the world to guide operations in real time.

Secure Ops for Oil and Gas

The Cisco Secure Ops Solution is a next-generation blueprint to support implementation and maintenance of security controls for industrial automation and control systems in the energy industry. This offering protects workers and factories, providing a highly secure industrial automation and control systems environment.

Secure Ops At A Glance: Deliver perimeter security for industrial control networks to protect against risks, improve efficiency, and reduce site downtime.

Secure Ops Overview: Learn how to support cybersecurity risk management and perimeter security for industrial automation and control systems.

Bridge the Digital Divide

Find out how one petroleum company improves real-time information sharing with rigs. (PDF - 8 KB)

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