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Connected Oil and Gas

Falling Prices: Are You Ready?

Oil and gas firms rethink business models to survive and thrive in a volatile market. (PDF - 4.54 MB)

Falling Prices: Are You Ready?

Make Operations Safe, Efficient, and More Secure

The Internet of Everything is creating a whole new digital agenda for oil and gas.

To lead, your company needs to evolve to a modern infrastructure and a common architecture that is easier to keep secure.

You need to be able to identify and control what is going on at remote wells and pipelines. Make sense of massive amounts of data quickly and easily, even in the middle of nowhere. And get better answers faster.

Cisco Can Help

We can work with you to update your infrastructure. Create a standardized, interconnected architecture. And integrate oil and gas solutions transparently, while reducing risk through a phased approach.

In partnership with other leading industry suppliers, we deliver exceptional depth and breadth of security, connectivity, and visibility, end to end, from the board room to the well.

Lower Costs; Help Enable Secure, Reliable Industrial Controls

Keep business processes and product flowing. Gain control, stop problems fast, and get ahead of surprises.

  • Get more control over your pipelines, and protect assets from accidents and attacks with Connected Pipelines (PDF - 1.18 MB)
  • Keep exploration and operations costs low with instant visibility into huge volumes of data through Real-Time Analytics with SAP HANA (PDF - 850 KB)
  • Interconnect a wide variety of applications and access sensor-level information in real time with Wireless Refinery Solutions (PDF - 1.17 MB)

Meet Production Targets; Reduce Downtime

Scale resources so you can find, produce, and extract oil and gas faster.

  • Make it easier for multiple users to share applications at the same time across multiple job sites, incorporating video surveillance, radio, chat, and Cisco WebEx with Collaborative Operations (PDF - 1.4 MB)
  • Help workers in the field and experts in the office collaborate easily in real time on ruggedized devices with Field Expert Collaboration for Oil and Gas (PDF - 1.4 MB)

Improve Response to Incidents; Help Keep People Safe and Secure

Get total visibility and awareness. Quickly detect, contain, and prevent problems while strengthening protection.

  • Address the entire threat continuum with our visibility-driven, threat-focused, platform-based security model
  • More easily manage cybersecurity risk in industrial control networks with our Secure Ops Solution
  • Reduce unauthorized access to protect networks, devices, applications, users, and data with Connected Safety and Security

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