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Optimize the Video Network

Enhance the video and collaboration user experience with Cisco medianet solutions. (2:15 min)

Optimize the Video Network

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Promote Learning by Optimizing Your Network for Video

More and more educators are using video as a means to:

  • Create new learning opportunities for students
  • Visually connect students, teachers, and remote experts anywhere, anytime

Optimizing your network to support video traffic is critical. Medianet solutions from Cisco help ensure high-quality experiences by combining:

  • Network awareness
  • Endpoint awareness
  • Media awareness

The built-in intelligence of a Cisco medianet helps meet the challenges of video and interactive multimedia with:

  • Enhanced video performance and end-user quality of experience over the network
  • Simplified installation and management of video endpoints
  • Faster troubleshooting for voice, data, and video applications
  • Ability to assess the effect of video, voice, and data on the network