TelePresence Synch

Enhance the Learning Experience

Synch connects students, teachers, and classrooms through video. (2:19 min)

Enhance the Learning Experience

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Cisco TelePresence Synch

Cisco TelePresence Synch brings video to the heart of the classroom by effectively converting a standard interactive white board into a powerful multifunction collaboration tool that brings together remote experts and classrooms.

The Cisco TelePresence Synch provides teachers, students, and administrators the tools they need to connect for virtual field trips, distance learning, and professional development across live video.

Highly Functional Interactive White Boards

With Cisco TelePresence Synch you can add a video call with no loss of functionality on the white board. And you can easily bring in an expert, a remote location, or even another class to the learning experience

Easy Integration with Collaboration Tools

Educators and presenters can integrate telepresence sessions with any collaboration application such as WebEx, running on the presenter or the teacher's computer.

Solution Overviews

Cisco TelePresence Synch At-a-Glance

Helps enable integration between interactive whiteboards and Cisco TelePresence systems.
(PDF - 540 KB)

Case Studies

Snyder Independent School District

School district integrates telepresence with interactive white boards to connect students.
(PDF - 192 KB)

White Papers

Deploying Distance Education Technologies

Video conferencing adoption in primary and secondary schools in the United States.
(PDF - 181 KB)

Video Conferencing in the U.S. Classroom

Video conferencing growth and evolution in K-12 schools. (PDF - 253 KB)

Products and Services

Cisco TelePresence Portfolio

Transform learning through the adoption of pervasive video.