Programmable Infrastructure in Depth

Cisco Open Network Environment

Open networking and Infrastructure programmability is a broad set of capabilities. There is no single technology that can optimally address everyone's needs. The Cisco approach with Cisco ONE is a use-case led approach to develop a portfolio of complementary technologies. These include:

  • Comprehensive, powerful platform APIs with deep full-duplex programmatic access to Cisco devices and software
  • Network and fabric controller and agent technologies to facilitate the development of customized features an applications
  • Overlay network technologies to support scalable, multi-tenant cloud infrastructures with consistent operations between physical, virtual and environments

As a result, you gain the flexibility to choose the combination of technologies that best suits your needs. These flexible deployment options offer tighter integration across hardware and software, as well as consistency across both physical, virtual, and cloud environments, for network and computing resources.

open network

Cisco is delivering the Open Network Environment through a number of innovations, such as:

  • onePK, a comprehensive developer kit with a rich set of platform APIs across Cisco IOS, IOS-XR, and NX-OS software
  • The Cisco ONE Controller framework with related agents and controller applications (Cisco and 3rd party)
  • Overlay network solutions that include the Cisco Nexus 1000V for scalable, multi-tenant cloud deployments

The Open Network Environment framework spans the entire network stack, from physical transport all the way up to automation and orchestration functions. It then exposes these functions in a highly granular manner.


This multi-dimensional view of the network exposes a much more comprehensive environment for network operators, IT architects and application developers It provides a greater range of control and makes it easier to access network intelligence that Cisco builds into its hardware and ASICs in a more finely calibrated manner. With the Open Network Environment, network, IT and application architects can create multi-dimensional, continuous full-duplex feedback loops that link the underlying intelligent infrastructure with applications like analytics engines and policy engines. The result is much more sophisticated interaction between applications and infrastructure.

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Beyond building on Cisco innovation, the Open Network Environment also draws on industry standards work underway. Cisco is active in the development of OpenFlow with the Open Networking Foundation, and in the development of various elements in OpenStack, such as the Quantum networking API. Cisco is also involved in the more established standards organizations such as IEEE, IETF, and ITU as they turn their attention to open networking, SDN and other emerging technologies.