Internet of Things (IoT)

Industrial Networking Solutions( IoT )

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Industries are seeing unprecedented levels of automation and supply chain efficiencies as industrial control systems connect to the Internet. The Internet of Things (IoT) will bring even greater acceleration of networking connectivity, in the production process and supply chain, and throughout all business processes.

Businesses that respond to these innovations and move toward improved inter-connectivity can become more globally competitive and ultimately lead in their markets.

Cisco provides the breadth of infrastructure and strategic partnerships to converge these inter-related systems in a highly secure, reliable, and comprehensive way. We provide a complete industrial networks product portfolio that can enable you to experience the value the IoT can bring into your business.

The Cisco industrial networks portfolio includes industrial switches and routers specifically designed to operate in harsh environments. Our products meet the stringent environmental and functionality requirements of the industries in which they operate.

Primary products include:

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The IoT and the Internet of Everything

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