The Internet of Things (IoT) - Industrial Networking

Internet of Things (IoT)

Connect Industrial Operations with the Business

Industries are seeing unprecedented levels of automation and supply chain efficiencies as industrial control systems connect to the Internet. The Internet of Things (IoT) is certain to bring even greater acceleration of connectivity, not only in the production process and supply chain, but throughout all business processes.

Businesses that respond to these innovations and move toward improved inter-connectivity can become more globally competitive and ultimately lead in their markets.

Cisco, Industrial Networking, and the IoT

Extending IP connectivity to factories, remote sites, and transportation lines means new "places in the network" that often experience harsh weather conditions, strong vibrations, and unreliable Internet connections.

Cisco has the deep expertise, as well as a rugged product portfolio, to help you move your operations from proprietary protocols to IP standards-based systems. Now you can experience the benefits of an IoT architecture. This can help you unite your operations with the business side of your enterprise, supply chain, design teams, partners, and your customers.

Cisco provides the breadth of infrastructure and strategic partnerships to converge these inter-related systems in a highly secure, reliable, and comprehensive way. Cisco can:

  • Help you develop and deploy proactive and flexible business models to address the growing complexity of global markets
  • Rapidly and more securely integrate industrial automation and control with business systems
  • Help you bring new products to market more efficiently while protecting intellectual property
  • Maintain and boost security as systems connect to each other to protect intellectual property, confidential data, and user access

Find out how you can build one common, converged and rugged plant-to-business network with the Cisco Industrial Smart Solution.