Internet of Things (IoT)

Cisco IOx Inspires New Business Models

By 2020, the Internet of Things (IoT) is expected to connect 50 billion smart objects to the network. The data generated by these objects can give businesses much greater insight into the health and performance of their operations. Companies can then use that intelligence to improve their productivity. But IoT environments generally run on satellite or mobile networks. Sending the data in these networks from its source to a destination where businesses can analyze it is costly and time-consuming.

Businesses need a solution that will help them react faster to the intelligence derived from data. To do that requires distributed computing capabilities: Applications need to run as close to the data source as possible, whether it is the network edge or even an endpoint device. Cisco IOx is a framework that supports those capabilities.

Cisco IOx brings together Cisco IOS, the industry-leading networking operating system, and Linux, the leading open source platform. Because Linux-based applications can run on Cisco devices in the Cisco IOx framework, businesses can bring their own applications and interfaces to the network. Cisco IOx offers developers a way to create IoT applications such as data aggregation, control systems, and access control and have them run on edge network devices. Businesses in manufacturing, transportation, energy, and beyond can now harness the value in the IoT.

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