Internet of Everything (IoE) Innovation Centers

Accelerating Innovation in Australia

Cisco focuses new regional innovation on resources, agriculture, and astronomy.

Accelerating Innovation in Australia

Innovative Technology, Global Locations, Local Results

Cisco Internet of Everything (IoE) Innovation Centers support our global efforts to accelerate development of the IoE while providing resources for regional development and support. These global facilities:

  • Showcase the IoE in real-world environments
  • Provide ideal settings to jointly develop scalable innovations with the regional community
  • Foster local and global innovation with university and research partnerships, startups, and mature technology vendors

If you are a local company, see how you can use IoE technologies to enhance your business and provide a competitive edge.

If you are a university or technology partner, join us to develop solutions and technologies for the IoE.

If you are a local government leader, learn how we can help you attract opportunities and resources to your community.

Experience what's possible:

Experience what's possible:

Customers and partners maintain a competitive edge by connecting with the latest technologies. World-class facilities demonstrate the latest ideas from Cisco and partners to showcase the possibilities of the Internet of Everything.

Collaborate in innovation:

Collaborate in innovation:

Startups, accelerators, and universities spark ideas when working together to solve business and government challenges. Developers and Cisco technology partners can work with Cisco to prove concepts, produce rapid prototypes, and deliver results. Cisco offers programs such as Cisco DevNet , sponsored hackathons, development challenges, and mentorship opportunities to foster a collaborative environment that leads to greater innovation.

For independent software and hardware vendors, the Cisco Solution Partner Program provides resources to build, test, market, and sell business solutions integrated with Cisco technologies and architectures. The Cisco Marketplace brings together solution partners, channel partners, and customers to deliver market-leading solutions, ready to address customer needs.

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Foster community:

Foster community:

By encouraging innovation in a thriving technical community, these innovation hubs help accelerate growth and the transformation of the local economy. For example, the British Innovation Gateway is a U.K. program that supports technology startups and the upcoming generation of entrepreneurs. View Infographic

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