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IT Infrastructure Challenges

More and more, IT organizations are being measured on how well they can advance the company's long-term growth goals. At the same time, they are under immense pressure to overcome today's complexity and security concerns. IT organizations face:

  • Increased technological complexity
  • New requirements to improve business agility
  • Advanced security threats

Fast IT: The New Model for IT

Fast IT, the new model for IT, unites all areas of your IT environment: infrastructure, software middleware, and applications. With Fast IT, you build on your existing investments, adding capabilities to automate and orchestrate existing services and new capabilities.

Some of the benefits of a Fast IT environment include reduced complexity, more value from existing investments, increased agility and flexibility, automated threat protection, and the ability to capitalize on the Internet of Everything. Specifically, you can:

  • Simplify technology infrastructure: In a Fast IT model, you can rapidly provision and automate network, servers, storage, and security functions within and across domains. At the same time, you can eliminate costs incurred by integrating systems and infrastructure.

    By simplifying your complex infrastructure, you can deliver more with less in today's increasingly complex environment, recovering and repurposing budget and headcount to support new and more business-relevant projects.

  • Create capabilities and services that fuel growth: To deliver the innovation and agility your stakeholders and customers seek, you must transition your organization from an operations and support role to that of a true business architecture team. A team that can take advantage of public, private, and hybrid cloud infrastructures to deliver new applications and services.

    With a Fast IT model, you can take immediate, meaningful steps toward building a more agile, application-centric infrastructure.

  • Respond intelligently and dynamically to threats: Your ability to assess, react to, and guard against threats is critical to the security of your infrastructure. With a Fast IT model, you can set and apply security policies programmatically within and across domains. You can also implement capabilities and protections so your infrastructure can automatically defend against attacks. And you can deliver superior mobile experiences and new innovative Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

    By dealing with threats in a more intelligent, dynamic way, you can mitigate security concerns that have traditionally served as roadblocks to innovation while delivering a more secure and reliable end-user experience.

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