Cloud Computing - Implementation

Cloud Computing

Implement Your Cloud Strategy More Easily

You've recognized it's time to develop a cloud strategy for your organization. Now what? How do you build a private cloud and properly connect it to public cloud services? We can help you develop the right cloud strategy for the Intercloud - whether you're connecting to Cisco Powered solutions, Cisco Cloud Services, or third-party services.

Cisco Consulting Services will help you understand the opportunities. Our research and economics consultants have created industry thought leadership, based on primary research and successful customer engagements. It's everything you need to make informed, sound decisions from start to finish.

Cloud Enablement Services can assist you from start to finish. From planning, building, and managing your private cloud strategy to connecting different applications and services, our Cloud Enablement Services will bring your cloud strategy to fruition.

Strengthen your cloud strategy by using the Cisco Domain Ten Strategy Service for cloud. It's a systematic guide to help you understand the 10 crucial factors you should account for in your cloud strategy. Use it to determine the important interactions in your data center, reveal any gaps you should address, and focus your resources on the highest-priority areas. This strategy service is a solid foundation to align your business outcomes with your IT and Intercloud strategy.

Cloud Strategy Domain Ten

cloud strategy - enterprise

Benefiting from an Enterprise Cloud Strategy for the Intercloud

Cloud Enablement Services can help you plan and build an effective cloud strategy for the Intercloud, with greater scalability and security -- from start to finish.

You'll get guidance on the private, public, or hybrid cloud strategy that best suits your organization's needs. You can manage the cloud on your own, or we can take care of it for you. We can help you determine which applications should be used in which cloud - a question all IT leaders should be considering.

cloud strategy - service provider

Service Providers: Deploying Cloud Services in the Intercloud

To be competitive and profitable, you need to differentiate and innovate at every level. So you look to improve your network. Or monetize and create revenue from new services. Provide new and better experiences to your customers. And you're trying to do all of this with less.

Cisco Cloud Enablement Services can help you get more value from your cloud investment. We'll help you cost-effectively migrate infrastructures to keep up with technological advancements. Introduce new services that make more money. And improve operational efficiencies.

Connecting customers to your services in the Intercloud will increase your market reach to improve profits and enhance service delivery. All while reducing costs and differentiating your services to keep you competitive.