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Cloud Adoption Trends

Midsize enterprises are leading the way.

Cloud Adoption Trends

Adopting Cloud:Your Path to the Intercloud

Simpler Hybrid Clouds for an Intercloud World

Private and public cloud solutions are intersecting to become hybrid cloud solutions in an Intercloud world.

This evolution means that IT needs to manage workload portability while maintaining service levels, security, and governance in more complex and important cloud environments. Because different workloads require different types of clouds in the Intercloud, we provide a broad portfolio of cloud solutions and IT services with global reach, performance, and compliance.

Our approach brings together:

Unlike other hybrid approaches to cloud, Cisco's cloud strategy allows for workload portability across the entire Intercloud. We make this possible by using standard-based global infrastructure that is truly open and hybrid.

In fact, we're creating the world's largest interconnected set of clouds with leading regional and local cloud partners. So you can overcome the security, regulatory, and compliance issues that you're facing with existing public and hybrid cloud solutions that aren't meeting expectations.

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Cisco Powered Cloud Services

Cisco Powered Cloud and Managed Services from our partners use validated architectures that have gone through rigorous certifications and third-party audits. Expect faster time to value, assured performance, and continuous innovation.

Cisco Powered Cloud Services include:

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Cisco Cloud Applications

Cisco offers public cloud solutions and services directly, to complement our partner offerings and expand on our industry-leading cloud portfolio that includes:

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Cisco Cloud Enablement for Private Cloud Solutions

With our strategy and solutions for the Intercloud, you can connect to your private cloud solutions when you want. This makes it easier to own, manage, and oversee certain cloud solutions in-house or address legal and regulatory concerns. We want to partner with you to make sure you get the most value from your private cloud solutions.

Private cloud solutions available from Cisco and our resellers include the following.

Cloud Enablement Services:

Secure Data Center and Networking:

  • Cisco Unified Data Center provides a common platform for physical, virtual, and cloud applications and operating models. This approach is designed to make ITaaS a reality.
  • Cisco Enterprise Networking gives employees and customers a consistently positive experience with end-to-end security and control.
  • Cisco Cloud Security enhances your network infrastructure with strong protection, complete visibility, and global threat intelligence.

Cloud and Infrastructure Management:

  • Unified Management includes Intelligent Automation for Cloud to deliver multi-cloud management.


Third Party Public Cloud Solutions and Services

With Cisco Intercloud Fabric software, you can form hybrid clouds between your private cloud infrastructure, the Intercloud from Cisco and our partners, and public cloud services from other providers.

Getting Started

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