Digital Media System

Digital Signs: At a Glance

Digital signs are a dynamic way to effectively and affordably communicate in the 21st century.

Maybe you've seen in-store monitors displaying compelling point-of-sale offers, or read the latest school news on a large LCD in the campus cafeteria. Perhaps you have learned about attractive new investments while standing in line at your bank. If so, you've experienced the power of digital signs.

With digital signs, organizations of all types can instantly deliver high-impact messages to targeted audiences using the Internet Protocol (IP) network they already have.

What are Digital Signs?

Digital signs are high-resolution monitors displaying messages, promotional offers, news updates, video, graphics, and other content. The displays are located in public areas such as stores, elevators, lobbies, bank or financial institution branches, and schools. You may also see them in offices, meeting rooms and other locations within businesses. The content is created and transmitted to displays through a networked digital signage solution.

Multiple Uses for Digital Signage

Digital signs can be used for many different purposes, including:

  • Marketing and Promotions: Retailers can promote new products and services directly to customers at the point of sale, at the checkout line, or other areas within stores.
  • Enhancing the Customer Experience: Deliver entertaining, useful information to customers, which helps reduce perceived wait times.
  • Communications and Training: Broadcast real-time executive and internal communications, providing training and company news to employees throughout an organization.
  • Information: Cost-effectively share up-to-date schedules, news, and emergency alerts where people need them most.
  • Advertising: Sell screen time to third-party advertisers.

Who Uses Digital Signs

Many different types of organizations can benefit from digital signage, such as:

  • Retailers
  • Educational institutions (K-12 schools, colleges, and universities)
  • Financial services firms and their branch offices
  • Healthcare institutions (including hospitals and doctors’ offices)
  • Organizations responsible for public safety and security (such as airports, railways, sports stadiums)

Digital Signage Solutions

Cisco Digital Signage is a component of the Cisco Digital Media System. The Cisco Digital Media System is a comprehensive suite of digital signage, desktop video, and Enterprise TV applications that are all centrally managed. You can start with one application, such as digital signage, and add other applications as needed.