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Your Support Website: See Content Keyed to Your Model

We heard you: Cisco Support Website product content is more useful when it is keyed to a specific model running on your network. In response we invite you to try our new model pages.

Designed to be simple yet complete, each model page puts vital product information in plain view – and puts you one click away from support resources relevant to your model, notably:

  • Visio stencils
  • Support platforms
  • Hardware and software documentation
  • Software downloads
  • Community threads and content

We tested model page content and design extensively with users like you. Some typical reactions:

  •    "I like the new look…and that all the information is on one easy-to-manage page."
  •    "I like the tabs for Hardware, Software, Downloads and Community."
  •    "The inclusion of Visio stencils is great! When I design a rack, I like to lay it out in Visio…having the correct stencils makes all the difference!"

Please check out these model pages, see if they do in fact deliver better support for your specific product, and tell us what you think.

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Conquer the Cloud Webcast Series

Cloud computing is arguably the fastest growing segment of business applications, and will soon be the norm in most organizations. While innovation in the data center has focused on making cloud-based computing a reality, the network has been put on the back burner. Are you rethinking your network strategy as you move to the cloud? Join Cisco for the "Conquer the Cloud" five-part webcast series, and learn how to create a cloud-ready network.

What you will learn:

  • What networking gaps must be addressed for cloud success
  • How to enable pervasive security with efficient cloud access
  • Which solutions enable greater cloud visibility and accelerate the application experience
  • How to extend virtualization to remote offices with lean operations
  • Recommendations from Cisco architecture experts about what to include in your cloud-intelligent network blueprint

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