This page provides you with recent updates to the online Cisco tools that enable you to keep your network up and running.

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Now Available, Cisco Performance Routing Solution Guides

Cisco Performance Routing technology has just recently included a number of new defaults to their configuration that greatly simplify the commands that customers need to understand and configure.

You will find videos, training, discussions, and documentation about technologies like CMTS / Content Delivery / Digital Broadband / Videoscape & Digital Media.

Find out more.

New Toolbar from Cisco Support Community

Cisco Support Community released a new toolbar for all major browsers aimed at bringing you many of the community features with a single click. You can look up bug IDs, IOS command error messages, discussions on and the support community from one single place.

Follow your favorite communities and get notified when there's an update.You can also share articles and links from external sites with the community.

Valuable links and topics are frequently posted on the community's social media channels. Now, you can catch them all right from the toolbar.

Download the new Cisco Support Community toolbar today and give it a spin.

Your Support Website: Download Software Faster

Your Cisco Support Website now enables "downloads from the cloud" for a majority of Cisco software images, including the largest and most popular.

Result? An age when your Cisco downloads can progress at speeds you haven't seen before. In fact since June we've reduced average global download time by 81%. You should save significant time no matter where you are located.

We're already seeing comments like this: "50 MB of data in 35 seconds... yea...pretty outstanding." See if you agree when you next come to download software.

Harnessing cloud power helps us sustain a trend: This year, acting on your feedback, we have:

  • Cut in half the average time needed to find and select software
  • Personalized the Cisco Support Website so you can select and start downloading many images with a single click
  • Moved nearly 75% of all images to the cloud, with more to come

How well are we speeding up your "find, select and download" experience? Please tell us!

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Online Tool Updates Archive



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