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Your Support Website: What You're Saying About Our New Design

We are taking stock of your reactions to the redesigned Cisco Support Website, especially as we weigh our next moves to simplify your most common and urgent online tasks. So if you have feedback to share, we want to hear it.

Here are some comments we have already heard from customers, partners, and industry web analysts:

  • "The new support page is much easier to navigate and easier on the eyes."
  • "Fantastic! I love what you've 'done with the place'…"
  • "No flash, all task…"

How similar is your experience?

  • What do you think of the Product Support tab - does it help you jump straight to technical content?
  • How do you use the Downloads tab - does it help you get directly to the software you need?
  • How much of an improvement is the new Contacts/Support Cases tab when you need direct assistance?

Your input was instrumental in this redesign, and we continue to rely on your thoughts as we gauge our success and plan our next steps. So, if you haven't visited the Cisco Support Website home page lately, give it a try and tell us what you think.

Cisco Support Community, Now in Spanish

The Cisco Support Community (CSC) is an interactive website where you can have discussions about Cisco networking products and technologies with experts and networking professionals around the world. We now offer the community in Spanish!

In August 2011, we are opening the Spanish community to all users. Take this fresh opportunity to log in, collaborate, and participate with colleagues from all across Latin America, Spain, and other countries. Be sure to invite your customers and partners to join the site, too.

Find out more, or visit the community now.

What Do You REALLY Want to Ask a Cisco TAC Engineer?

Send us your question and a Cisco TAC Engineer will answer it in our new Expert to Expert section. It doesn't even have to be a technical question...

Do you want to know the most common TAC case opened? Or the most unusual? Or the most ridiculous? What really happens AFTER your TAC case is opened?

Send us a good question and we'll give you a good answer (and send you some free stuff too).

Now Available: The Cisco Technical Support iPad® App

Get connected today. Cisco's first iPad app for technical support, unique in the industry, enables real-time interactions with Cisco Support Community, our one-stop destination for support forums, blogs, and technical expertise.

Find solutions to your troubleshooting needs anywhere, anytime! Download the Cisco Technical Support iPad and iPhone app today by searching for Cisco Technical Support on iTunes.

NEW – Portuguese and Russian Cisco Support Community Pilots

We are very excited to announce the launch of two new Cisco Support Community pilots: Portuguese and Russian!

The Portuguese and Russian communities are interactive websites where you can have discussions on Cisco networking products and technologies with subject matter experts and networking professionals. The communities are platforms where Portuguese and Russian speaking users around the world can share their technical knowledge and interact with one another asking questions on various topics related to networks and technology. During this initial stage, we have launched pilot sites that will be available only to a selected number of users.

Be one of the first to join and participate! The first 20 people that register will be eligible to participate in a raffle for a prize.

Register here for the Portuguese pilot. Register here for the Russian pilot.

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