This page provides you with recent updates to the online Cisco tools that enable you to keep your network up and running.

New Cisco on Cisco Website

The Cisco on Cisco website shares Cisco IT's early experiences of deploying Cisco solutions with product and services engineers to build better products and services and with customers and sales teamsto help them understand the real real-world value of these solutions.

After nearly a year in the making, the newly designed Cisco on Cisco website is live. In addition to a new look and feel, changes in the site architecture and navigation make it faster and easier for you to go directly to the information you want with fewer clicks.

You can now access information using the following methods:

  • Select a solution category, such as Business of IT, Data Center, Security, or Unified Communications, and choose a case study, presentation, video, or other content type
  • Navigate the site by content type and then select the item you are interested in by its title

Highlights of the new Cisco on Cisco website include:

  • A video welcome message from Rebecca Jacoby, senior vice president and CIO, on the About Cisco on Cisco page
  • Reorganized content that is easily accessible from convenient, clickable tables
  • Over 15 embedded Flash videos prominently displayed on solution category landing pages and sub-pages
  • Over 100 case studies converted to the most current Cisco corporate Word templates with the new Cisco logo
  • Retitled content to enhance search engine optimization

While all case studies and best practice documents are currently provided on the website in PDF only, HTML pages are provided for users who prefer to view HTML rather than download PDF documents.

Visit the new Cisco on Cisco website today and use our resources in your sales and marketing activities.

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New Cisco Services Community for Partners

Featured at Partner Summit 2008, Cisco Services Community for Partners supports your goals for building and growing your services practice. This interactive online community for networking services professionals centralizes services tools and scripts in one convenient location for easy access and download. Collaborate with other partners and Cisco engineering professionals to reduce cycle time, improve consistency in service delivery, and solve your customers' service problems using Cisco tools.

You can now:

  • Optimize tools and scripts using postings and discussion threads to exchange ideas
  • Create a "Watch List" to track updates and discussion threads that are of interest to you
  • Track feedback on your postings or other postings of interest
  • Discover new tools and scripts that can add value to customer engagements or enhance the productivity of network, field, and support engineers
  • Download any tool and modify or adjust the script to suit your needs, saving script development time

Cisco Services Community for Partners is available free of charge to Cisco channel partners worldwide with a login. Join now to increase your productivity and collaborate with other partners and Cisco.

Recent Technology Terminology Update to Cisco TSRT

A new Technology — Physical Security and Video Surveillance — was recently added to the Cisco TAC Service Request Tool (TSRT) for use in opening service requests for products in Cisco's Physical Security portfolio. Service requests that were previously opened under Cisco Video should now be opened under this new technology.

Try the TAC Service Request Tool today.