This page provides you with recent updates to the online Cisco tools that enable you to keep your network up and running.

RSS Feeds for Hot Issues in the Cisco TAC

Cisco now offers RSS feeds to the latest hot issues on which the Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC) is working.

When you subscribe to these RSS feeds, you will receive weekly updates that keep you up to date on what defects are currently causing the most issues. This information can help you determine the cause of problems you may be facing currently and anticipate problems down the road.

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Note: At this time, these feeds are offered only for Unified Communications products.

Recent Updates to Cisco Output Interpreter

Cisco Output Interpreter is an online tool that analyzes command outputs to detect and resolve potential problems. In addition to supporting command outputs from your Router, Switch, PIX firewall, Cisco IOS wireless access point, and Meeting Place Platform, this online tool now supports the Cisco Wireless LAN Controller and ASA commands.

Other new Output Interpreter features include:

  • Decoding the FRU information from the "show diag" command output
  • Wireless LAN Controller -- show and debug commands
  • GOLD diagnostics -- "show diagnostic result"
  • ASA Commands -- "show tech-support" and "show running-config"
  • Cisco 12000 IOSXR Hardware Readiness Assessment (up to version 3.5.0)

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Note: This tool is available only to registered customers with a valid service contract.

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Upcoming Technology Terminology Updates to Cisco TSRT

The Cisco TAC Service Request Tool (TSRT) will be updated in the next few days to reflect a technology change under which service requests for Storage Networking products are opened.

In order to consolidate and align for future products, the "Storage Networking" Technology name will become "Data Center and Storage Networking." As a result, all Subtechnologies previously found under "Storage Networking" will reside under "Data Center and Storage Networking." Also under this new category, you will find the new Subtechnology for the Cisco Nexus 7000 Series Switches.

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