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Expert to Expert:

Can a Transparent Mode ASA Be Configured without an IP Address on the Bridge Group?

No, a transparent mode ASA must be configured with an IP address for each Layer 2 bridge group.

Besides using the IP for any traffic sourced from the ASA, the ASA must ARP or send out an ICMP message in order to determine out of which interface the destination MAC resides (if the MAC address is not in the ASA CAM table). Without a valid IP address assigned to the ASA that is in the same IP subnet as adjacent devices, traffic might fail to pass through the transparent ASA since the ARP and ICMP process cannot complete.

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TAC Tip:

IPv6 Stateful NAT64 Configuration Steps

Translation is one of the key integration/migration tools available in IPV6. As NAT-PT is deprecated, Stateful NAT64 provides us the translation tool, which works for v4 to v6 and v6 to v4. This document explains the steps in creating Stateful NAT64 on IOS-XE and includes a configuration example.

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Chalk Talk:

Tips and Tricks to Make an ISE Deployment Stable and Scalable

This month's Chalk Talk by Vivek Santuka provides tips, tricks, do's and don'ts to make your ISE deployment stable and scalable.

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