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Cisco Learning Network Mobile now delivers Cisco Certification blueprints, study / learn content and fully interactive discussions on the go! Study and connect with the lively community that supports you in reaching your certification goals.

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Learning@Cisco announces the new CCNA Data Center and CCNP Data Center Certifications

The CCNA Data Center and CCNP Data Center certifications are job-role-focused certification programs that allow you to maximize your investment in your education and increase the value your data center network brings to your business.

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Register Now For These CiscoTechAdvantage (formerly IOS Advantage) Webinars

Enhancing Application Performance with PfR
Join us January 9, 8am PST for a 2 hour technical discussion enhancing application performance with Cisco Performance Routing (PfR). This webinar explains PfR technology as well as the latest enhancements and includes real case studies. PfR allows network administrators to minimize bandwidth costs, enable intelligent load distribution, improve application performance, and deploy dynamic failure detection at the WAN access edge.

Whereas other routing mechanisms can provide both load sharing and failure mitigation, Cisco IOS PfR makes real-time routing adjustments based on criteria other than static routing metrics such as response time, packet loss, jitter, path availability, traffic load distribution, and cost minimization. This session is for anyone who wants to understand and deploy Cisco IOS Performance Routing.

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Upcoming Ask the Expert Events from Cisco Support Community's Expert Corner

Engage, collaborate and co-create with our Cisco subject matter experts through interactive events.


• Data Center and Cloud Security - starts December 10
Ask questions and learn about different solutions and best practices around securing your physical and virtual environment in the Data Center with Cisco expert Naman Latif.

• CUBE - starts December 10
Ask questions and learn about Cisco Unified Border Element with Cisco expert Robin Cai.

Multicast on Cisco Wireless LAN Controllers
Cisco subject matter expert Maithri B. will focus on basics on wireless multicast and why we need it. Multicast is widely used in today’s networks as more and more customers and partners are looking to implement BYOD. This session will help to integrate such devices into the wireless network.

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