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Technology You Can Use From Geeks You Can Trust

Join your favorite geeks in these three TechWiseTV episodes:

  • Embracing the Bring-Your-Own-Device Trend
    If you're thinking less "party" and more "pain-in-the-neck" when you hear "BYOD", this one's for you! Listen in as our geek gurus discuss the best strategies and tools to meet this multi-device phenomenon head-on.
  • Switching Innovations: Supporting the Need for Speed
    Join our experts from the CiscoLive stage in London as they talk about how Cisco's latest switching innovations meet the demands of cloud computing, video, and the data deluge on your network.
  • Firewall Reinvention with the New ASA CX
    Find out how the SecureX framework inside Cisco's new ASA CX helps strike the perfect balance between security and availability in our "Bring Your Own Device" world—without relinquishing any control.

AND... register now for these TechWiseTV Workshops:

  • Broaden Your Network Horizons with Multiprotocol Label Switching
    Join Jimmy Ray Purser as he welcomes back a viewer's-choice top guest and co-author of Traffic Engineer with MPLS, Eric Osborne. Together, they'll introduce you to the basics of getting started with MPLS, including label distribution, label-switched forwarding, tunneling, label stacking, and more.
  • Bring Your Own Device Without Compromise
    Join our experts from Cisco and IDC for a deep dive into the BYOD-focused innovations that allow simplified, scalable and secure IT solutions for uncompromised mobility and access to the network.

Register Now for Cisco Live

Cisco Live, June 10-14, 2012, in San Diego, offers world-class technical and business education with 600 sessions, 200 Cisco partners, and networking with thousands of the brightest minds in IT.

Cisco's annual IT and communications conference, is your best opportunity to get the training and education you need to move ahead in your career. It's the must-attend conference for all levels of your organization, with hundreds of sessions spanning multiple tracks and all Cisco products.

Keynotes by Cisco Chairman and CEO John Chambers and by CTO Padmasree Warrior give you a first-hand look at where Cisco sees technology evolving, and how you can position yourself to be a part of the evolution. Add to these a multitude of networking opportunities and a complimentary Cisco certification exam, and Cisco Live is the best investment you can make in your career. Register by June 8, 2012 and save.

Register today

Upcoming Ask the Expert Events from Cisco Support Community's Expert Corner

Expert Corner is a collection of special contributions to the Cisco Support Community made by our Experts, including programs such as Webcasts, Ask the Experts, Expert Videos, and Documents.



  • VIP Event: Network Path Redundancy Design
  • Cisco Unified CallManager and IP Phone Security
  • Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution
  • Cisco Prime Network Registrar


For more information, visit the Expert Corner.

View previous Expert Corner webcasts.

Videos On-Demand: New Cisco Jabber and TelePresence Solutions Technical Briefings

Get technical details about newly announced Cisco Collaboration solutions by attending two live 90-minute briefings by Cisco product experts. Available on-demand.

Register Now For These Cisco IOS Advantage Webinars

  • Packet Evolution in Transport Networks
    Join us April 25 for a 2-hour discussion on the evolution of SONET/SDH transport networks to more efficient packet transport networks based on MPLS Transport Profile (MPLS-TP). Packet-based services are experiencing fast growth and have started to dominate the carrier traffic mix (driven by video, cloud and migration to IP). Packet services have also evolved to more dynamic traffic patterns (driven by mobile and cloud services). MPLS-TP enables the migration of SONET/SDH networks to packet technology in order to achieve better bandwidth efficiency and flexibility.
  • Securing the Access Layer
    Join us May 2, for a 2-hour discussion on different techniques that can be used to secure the access layer, from establishing a perimeter and blocking known attack vectors to enhancing your ability to monitor rogue activity on your network. By implementing the right combination of features, you can greatly enhance your ability to provide secure network access.
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