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Vol.8 No.1 Unmatched Online Technical Support January 2006

Las Vegas to Host Conference
in June

Save the date for Cisco Networkers 2006 -- Cisco's largest annual customer training, testing, and networking event -- to be held
June 18-23 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

At Cisco Networkers 2006, you can:

  • Interact with thousands of technical peers and top Cisco engineers.

  • Choose from more than 200 technical sessions on routing, switching, security, IP Communications, network management, and more.

  • Update your qualifications with a free Cisco Career Certification Exam.

  • Schedule a private meeting with a Cisco engineer.

  • Have white board discussions at the Design Clinic.

Registration opens in early 2006, so bookmark this page today:

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CCIE Central - UPDATE:
Online Initiation of Severity 2 Cases Now Available for CCIEs

Earlier this month, the Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC) began piloting a new capability for CCIEs at companies with valid support contracts. Now, CCIEs can submit Severity 2 (S2) cases using the online TAC Service Request Tool (TSRT) as an alternative to the telephone. In recent advisory group sessions, users have said they believe online initiation can speed resolution by allowing for documentation of troubleshooting steps already attempted and the attachment of relevant documents and diagrams.

Active CCIEs will be authenticated against the CCIE database during login and automatically presented with the S2 option in the TSRT. S2 requests submitted by CCIEs will be routed directly to the appropriate core technology team and a TAC engineer will return the call quickly.

In accordance, CCIEs must:

  • Agree to be available to take the call
  • Adhere to the posted criteria for severity selection
  • Not share their ID number with any non-CCIE in their organization

The Cisco TAC will monitor usage during the pilot, and inappropriate use of the S2 option may impact the continued offering of this capability.

The creation of S2 requests online does not replace telephone initiation, but instead offers another option which can be utilized by CCIEs. At first release, the new capability will be available in all worldwide regions except Japan and escalation of existing service requests to S2 will still need to be processed by telephone.

For questions or comments on this new capability for CCIEs, please send an e-mail to

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Cisco Marketplace - UPDATE:
New Product Documentation Available Online

"What's New in Cisco Documentation" is an online publication that provides information on the latest documentation releases for Cisco products. Updated monthly, this online publication is organized by product category to direct you quickly to the documentation for your products.

Highlights of the January release include documentation for the following:

  • Cisco IP Solution Center Getting Started and Documentation Guide, 4.1
  • Installation and Setup Guide for Campus Manager 4.0.3 on Solaris
  • Release Notes for Cisco CNS Network Registrar, 6.2
  • Release Notes for Campus Manager 4.0.3 on Windows

Documentation available for purchase in the Product Documentation Store are identified with a "Buy This Doc Now" link and corresponding DOC- number (for example, DOC-7816181=). Enter the DOC- number into the store's search field to locate the specific document.

You can view the latest release of "What's New in Cisco Documentation" at:

Visit the Product Documentation Store today at:
(available to registered users only)

Not registered with Visit the URL below to register and begin taking advantage of this and other useful applications:

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Networking Professionals Connection - UPDATE:
Upcoming "Ask the Expert" Events and TechTalks

Networking Professionals Connection is an interactive Website where you can discuss Cisco networking products and technologies with Cisco experts and networking professionals around the world.

Upcoming events on Networking Professionals Connection include:

  • "Ask the Expert" events, which allow you to discuss specific networking issues online with Cisco engineers:

    • "Wireless Mesh Networking Solution," now through January 27
    • "Configuration and Troubleshooting Adaptive Security Appliances (ASA) 5500 and PIX 7.0,"
      now through January 27

    Note: "Ask the Expert" events are subject to rescheduling. Please refer to the URL above for the most current schedule.

  • TechTalks are online Webcasts that focus on particular technology areas. You can view the latest event schedule, register to attend a live session, and view archived presentations on the Web any time:

To attend an event or participate in a discussion forum, visit Networking Professionals Connection at:

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Cisco IOS

Security Advisory:
Response to Full-Disclosure - Multiple Vulnerabilities within Cisco EIGRP

Security Advisory:
IOS HTTP Server Command Injection Vulnerability

Security Advisory:
Response to OpenSSL - Potential SSL 2.0 Rollback

Cisco TAC Case Collection Solution:
Log Messages Do Not Show the Date and Time, but Instead Show the Length of Time the Router Has Been Up

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Security and VPN

Configuration Example:
Easy VPN with an ASA 5500 as the Server and PIX 506E as the Client (NEM)

Configuration Example:
PIX Firewall 7.x and Later with Syslog

Configuration Example:
Simple PIX-to-PIX VPN Tunnel Using PIX 7.x and ASDM

PIX Security Appliance 7.x

Field Notice:
CS ACS for Windows Downloadable IP Access Control List Vulnerability

Security Advisory:
Response to Making Unidirectional VLAN and PVLAN Jumping Bidirectional

Security Advisory:
Response to DoS in Cisco Clean Access

Cisco TAC Case Collection Solution:
IPSec SAs Never Come up when the HSRP Pair Is Forced to Failover on a Cisco Router

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Voice and IP Communications

Configuration Example:
DC Directory: Modify the Default User PIN and Password Length

Configuration Example:
CallManager Express: Add Custom Rings

Configuration Example:
Upgrade IP Phone Firmware with Cisco CME

Tech Note:
Add Prefix to the Missed Call Number

Tech Note:
Cisco E-Mail Manager: Slow Performance

Tech Note:
Addition of Licenses to Cisco IPCC Express 4.0(1) Fails

Tech Note:
Administrator User Is Unable to Log into the CRA Administration Page

Tech Note:
Unity Connection Disaster Recovery

Tech Note:
Unity Inbox Scalability

Tech Note:
Failure of Cisco CME to Recognize the Second Port of Cisco ATA

Tech Note:
MGCP Gateway Registration Failure with Cisco CallManager

Field Notice:
BTS 10200 Softswitch Firmware Upgrade to 5.19.3 for Sun 1280 Platforms

Field Notice:
Cisco Enterprise and Hosted Contact Center Products Notice for Microsoft December 2005 Security Updates

Cisco TAC Case Collection Solution:
Cisco CallManager Cannot Open the Global Directory: "The Active Server Pages error 'ASP 0115' Unexpected error /CCMAdmin/userprefsbasiclist.asp. A trappable error (E06D7363) occurred in an external object. The script cannot continue running" Error Message is Displayed

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Configuration Example:
Access Point as a Workgroup Bridge

Field Notice:
"World-Mode Legacy" Command Is Only Useful for Cisco Aironet 350/CB20 NICs with Earlier Software Versions

Cisco TAC Case Collection Solution:
Client Cards Do Not Associate to the Access Point


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