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Letter from the Editor


Welcome to the June issue of the Cisco Technical Support Newsletter!

Here are the topics we cover in this issue:

  • Simplified Cisco IOS Software release selection
  • Online Cisco Marketplace now offers printed product documentation
  • Customer Interaction Network coming to the US
  • Documentation set available for Cisco IOS Software Release 12.4
  • Registration update for US Networkers 2005 conference
  • Enhancements to Cisco ordering tools and process
  • Upcoming events at Networking Professionals Connection
  • Changes to Cisco certifications retake policy
  • Updated Cisco Technical Support Presentations now available

Please feel free to send this newsletter to anyone you know who might find the information useful. And, if you have any questions or comments about this newsletter, please send an e-mail message to

- Cisco Technical Support News Editor

News Updates

Cisco IOS Software Center - UPDATE:
Ongoing Updates Simplify Your Software Search

To make it easier for you to find the appropriate Cisco IOS Software release with the latest functionality, Cisco is currently updating the Cisco IOS Software Center.

These updates include:

  • Converting the Software Center into a dynamic portal containing only current and widely deployed releases

  • Documenting migration paths in the Cisco IOS Software Migration Table when releases are removed from the Software Center

You can view the Software Migration Table at:

Note: Support for all software releases, including releases removed from the Software Center, will not change. Immediate action may not be required; please read the deferral notice to determine if release migration is required.

For more information, please contact your Cisco representative.

Cisco Marketplace - UPDATE:
Order Printed Cisco Product Documentation at New Online Store

Beginning June 30, registered users may easily order printed product documentation from the new Product Documentation Store on Cisco Marketplace -- and get a free gift.

This new online store offers a wide array of documentation to accompany your Cisco products, including:

  • Accessory Guides
  • Command References
  • Configuration Guides
  • Installation Guides
  • Product Notes
  • User Guides

When you visit the new store and order documentation, you may provide your feedback through an online survey and help Cisco improve this new resource. After your order and survey are complete, Cisco will send you a free gift (while supplies last).

Visit the Product Documentation Store on Cisco Marketplace starting on June 30:

Note: You may continue to order Cisco product documentation through the Ordering Tool. The new Product Documentation Store simply provides another convenient way to order these materials.

Customer Interaction Network - UPDATE:
New System Being Implemented in the United States

In our May issue, we introduced you to the new Customer Interaction Network (CIN) service that is being implemented in Europe. This service is designed to simplify your contact experience with Cisco, regardless of the nature of your request.

Cisco has now begun CIN implementation in the United States. When you call the Cisco US Technical Support line (800.553.2447), you will reach an experienced CIN agent that can answer cross-functional questions or can quickly direct you to the appropriate resource.

Over the next few months, the CIN service will become available through the 800.GO.CISCO and the 800.553.NETS telephone numbers. Until CIN is fully implemented for these numbers, you may be directed to the standard automated options instead of a CIN agent. Cisco plans to fully implement CIN in the US by the end of September.

Cisco IOS Software Release 12.4 - NEW:
New Documentation Set Now Available

The Cisco IOS Software Release 12.4 documentation set -- consisting of configuration guides, command references, and supporting documents -- is now available. Both configuration guides and command references are organized by technology.

This documentation set is intended primarily for users who configure and maintain Cisco networking devices, such as routers and switches, but who may not be familiar with configuration and maintenance tasks, the relationship among tasks, or the commands necessary to perform particular tasks. This documentation set is also intended for users experienced with Cisco IOS Software who need to know about new features, configuration options, and characteristics.

View the Cisco IOS Software Release 12.4 documentation set now at:

US Networkers 2005 Conference - UPDATE:
Online Registration Ends June 18

The Networkers 2005 conference is only a few days away. More than 5,000 of your colleagues have already registered to attend. This year's conference will be held June 19-24 in Las Vegas, NV.

Register now and:

  • Join thousands of other technical professionals
  • Schedule a private one-hour meeting with a top Cisco engineer
  • Explore solutions from more than 70 Cisco partners
  • Attend the Customer Appreciation Event at the Palms Hotel and Casino
  • Earn points and win prizes in the Passport Program
  • Engage in live Whiteboard discussions at the Design Clinic
  • Receive a free one-year subscription to Networkers Online
  • Select from more than 200 technical sessions on routing, switching, security, IP communications, network management, and more

Register by June 18 and save US$200 at:

Cisco Order Management Tools and Process - UPDATE:
Enhancements to Online Ordering Tools

On August 15, Cisco will complete interface and process enhancements to improve your online purchasing experience. These enhancements will affect many of the Cisco online tools, including:

  • Ordering Tool and Change Order Tool -- Streamlined order types, improved service data entry and validations, and enhanced interface

  • Status Tool -- Integrated order and return status search, and enhanced interface

  • Returns Tool -- Improved search features, including search by serial number and search by returns processes

  • Notification Tool -- New notifications and reports, and ability to subscribe and unsubscribe to notifications online

  • Invoice Tool -- Improved invoice format

  • Aged Account Summary Tool -- Streamlined dispute related processes, and related interface changes

If you are a current user of these tools, you will receive an e-mail notification this month outlining these changes and their benefits. Please contact Cisco Customer Service if you have any questions:

Networking Professionals Connection - UPDATE:
Upcoming "Ask the Expert" Events and TechTalks

Networking Professionals Connection is an interactive Website where you can discuss Cisco networking products and technologies with Cisco experts and networking professionals around the world.

Upcoming events on Networking Professionals Connection include:

  • "Ask the Expert" events, which allow you to discuss specific networking issues online with Cisco engineers:

    • "Configuration and Device Management with Cisco Network Assistant," now through June 17

    • "Troubleshooting Cisco IDS/IPS," now through June 17

    • "Security and VPN Features for Cisco IOS Software Release 12.3.14T," June 20-July 1

    • "Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) 5500 Series," June 20-July 1

    Note: "Ask the Expert" events are subject to rescheduling. Please refer to the URL above for the very latest schedule.

  • TechTalks are online Webcasts that focus on particular technology areas. You can view the latest event schedule, register to attend a live session, and view archived presentations on the Web anytime:

To attend an event or participate in a discussion forum, visit Networking Professionals Connection at:

CCIE Central - UPDATE:
Changes to Cisco Certifications Retake Policy

To strengthen non-disclosure policies, the CCIE program recently made changes to the retake policy that governs written exams for all Cisco Career Certifications, including CCIE written qualification exams.

These changes include the following:

  • If you fail a written exam, you must wait five (previously three) calendar days to reschedule the same exam.

  • When you pass a CCIE written exam, you must wait at least six months before taking the same exam. (Though rare, this may apply in certain recertification situations.)

These changes are currently in effect at all Thomson Prometric and Pearson VUE testing centers.

To learn more about Cisco Career Certifications, visit the CCIE Website at:

Cisco Technical Support Presentations - UPDATE:
Get the Most Value from the Cisco Technical Support & Documentation Website

Would you like to get the most value from the Cisco Technical Support & Documentation Website? Then view the following Cisco Technical Support Presentations and learn how to use Cisco Technical Support & Documentation Website tools and other resources to resolve your networking issues:

  • "Using the Cisco Technical Support & Documentation Website for Online Support" -- Shows you how to use online tools and documentation to troubleshoot common network issues.

  • "Using the Cisco Technical Support & Documentation Website for General Router Issues" -- Demonstrates online tools and information for troubleshooting error messages, choosing a Cisco IOS Software release for your router, developing initial configurations, and more.

  • "Using the Cisco Technical Support & Documentation Website for IP Routing Issues" -- Shows you how to find support information and tools for IP Routing protocols.

  • "Using the Cisco Technical Support & Documentation Website for LAN Issues" -- Highlights technical support resources for Catalyst switches.

  • "Using the Cisco Technical Support & Documentation Website for Security and Virtual Private Network Issues" -- Features online security- and VPN-related tools and technical documentation.

  • "Using the Cisco Technical Support & Documentation Website for Voice Issues" -- Shows you how to find and use online support tools and technical documentation for planning, design, implementation, troubleshooting, and operational issues of IP telephony.

These updated Microsoft PowerPoint presentations reflect recent changes to the Technical Support & Documentation Website, including the documentation integration with the former Products & Services Website. In addition, you can learn how to use My Tech Support, the personalization feature for the Cisco Technical Support & Documentation Website.

Visit the URL below today to download these presentations and view them at your convenience:

New Technical Tips


Tech Note:
Understand Advanced Integration Module (AIM) Usage in ATM Technologies

Broadband Cable

Cable Hardware and Software uBR7200, uBR7100, uBR10K, and uBR905

Cisco IOS

Tech Note:
Cisco IOS Software Release 12.3(11)YS

Tech Note:
Cisco IOS Software Release 12.3(4)T and Later MONLIB Autoboot

Tech Note:
Cisco IOS Software Release 12.4

Cisco TAC Case Collection Solution:
How to Use the Configuration Register (Config Register)

IP Routing and Routed Protocols

Tech Note:
Route-Maps for IP Routing Protocol Redistribution Configuration

Cisco TAC Case Collection Solution:
Aggregate Network Is Not Advertised

LAN Switching

Configuration Example:
Block ARP Packets with Use of MAC Access Lists and VLAN Access Maps on a Catalyst Switch That Runs Cisco IOS Software

Configuration Example:
Catalyst 3750 Software Upgrade in a Stack Configuration with Use of the Command-Line Interface

Security Advisory:
FWSM URL Filtering Solution TCP ACL Bypass Vulnerability

Cisco TAC Case Collection Solution:
Recover the Catalyst 2900XL and 3500XL Series Switches from Corrupt or Missing Software Images

Network Management

Field Notice:
WLSE Software - FN 62071 - Data Table Trimming Feature Defect Causes Backups and Restores to Fail

Cisco TAC Case Collection Solution:
How to Get the Environment Temperature on a Catalyst 6500/6000 Series Switch with SNMP


Tech Note:
Security Considerations for Cisco ONS 15454 Release 5.0

Tech Note:
Impact Matrix when TCC2/TCC2P Is Inserted into Locked/Unlocked Shelf

Tech Note:
CTC Fails to Start on Windows XP with Cisco Security Agent

Tech Note:
Default User Name and Password for Cisco Transport Controller

Tech Note:
Timing and Synchronization on Cisco ONS 15454

Field Notice:
FN 61866 ONS 15454-XC-VT Bad Lot due to Defective Oscillator

Field Notice:
ONS 15327-OC3-4I13-T(=) Defective Oscillator Recall

Security and VPN

Configuration Example:
VMS to Authenticate with Cisco Secure ACS

Configuration Example:
PIX Security Appliance (Version 7.x) or ASA 5500 with Three Internal Networks

Configuration Example:
Enable HTTPS with Certificate Configuration for Cisco Secure ACS Admin Sessions

Configuration Example:
IPSec Tunnel through a PIX Firewall (Version 7.0) with NAT

Configuration Example:
Enhanced Spoke-to-Spoke VPN with PIX Security Appliance 7.0

Configuration Example:
Enhanced Spoke-to-Client VPN Configuration Example for PIX Security Appliance Version 7.0

Tech Note:
PIX 7.0 and Adaptive Security Appliance Port Redirection with "nat," "global," "static," "conduit," and "access-list" Commands

Tech Note:
Cisco Secure PIX Security Appliance 7.0 and ASDM Software Upgrade Procedure

Tech Note:
PIX Security Appliance 7.0 and Adaptive Security Appliance NAT and PAT Statements

Field Notice:
PIX, FWSM, and IPS Device Managers Incompatibility with Java Plug-in Versions 1.4.2_08 and 1.5.0_02

Cisco TAC Case Collection Solution:
How to Configure an IPSec VPN Tunnel between a PIX Firewall and a Cisco IOS Router

Storage Networking

Security Advisory:
Vulnerability in a Variant of the TCP Timestamps Option

Voice and IP Communications

Configuration Example:
Cisco IOS Gatekeepers in Intrazone H.323 Networks

Tech Note:
WS-X6608-T1/E1 Digital Gateway Card on the Catalyst 6000 Platform Problem Resolution

Tech Note:
Analog Voice Port Best Match Impedance Setting Choice

Tech Note:
ISDN Voice, Video, and Data Call Switching with Router TDM Switching Features

Tech Note:
Cisco Agent Desktop Disconnects All Agents Simultaneously

Tech Note:
Router Process Bounce with Error Code 519815414 - Too Many Service Members in a Service

Tech Note:
Enterprise Database Integration with CRS Server

Field Notice:
Cisco Enterprise and Hosted Contact Center Products Notice for Microsoft May 2005 Security Updates

Field Notice:
BTS 10200 Release 4.4.1V00 SIP Endpoint Referencing Null Indicator in the Term Index Table

Security Advisory:
Crafted DNS Packet Can Cause Denial of Service

Cisco TAC Case Collection Solution:
How to Compare QoS Values for IP Precedence, DSCP, and MPLS EXP Values Along with Standard Values Used in Cisco IOS Software for Configuration


Field Notice:
BR1300 and BR1400 Rusting Mounting Brackets

Cisco TAC Case Collection Solution:
Cisco Aironet 350 Series Bridge Intermittently Disassociates with the 340 Series Bridge

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