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Vol.6 No.16 August 18, 2004 Unmatched Online Technical Support

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Letter from the Editor


Welcome to the second August issue of the Cisco Technical Support Newsletter!

This issue includes a feature article about the Cisco Technical Support Advisor. This new online search tool can quickly guide you to the resources you need on the Cisco Technical Support Website. You'll find this feature article immediately after my signature below.

Here are the other topics we cover in this issue:

  • New feature to protect your profile
  • Upcoming events at Networking Professionals Connection

Please feel free to send this message to anyone you know who might find this information useful. And, if you have any questions or comments about this newsletter, please send an e-mail message to

- S. Bailey
    Cisco Technical Support News Editor


Cisco Technical Support Advisor - NEW:
Quickly Find the Hardware and Software Documentation You Need

The Cisco Technical Support Advisor is a new search tool that provides highly targeted search results based on your selected combination of networking device and software. This online tool can quickly point you to the appropriate resources, such as documentation and tools, on the Cisco Technical Support Website.

You can use the Technical Support Advisor to find:

  • Configuration guides and examples for your device and software.
  • Password recovery and other troubleshooting documents for your device.
  • Even more specific documents from an already small group of suggested documents.
  • Software installation/upgrade instructions for your device, as well as hardware installation documentation.

Visit the Technical Support Advisor today at:
(available to registered users only)

Not registered with Visit the URL below to register and begin taking advantage of this and many other useful tools:

Other News

Safeguarding Your Password - UPDATE
New Feature Helps You Better Protect Your Profile

Passwords are important for both Cisco and users in providing protection for user profiles. Using a secure password helps prevent unauthorized users from accessing your Cisco accounts, and protects your company's investment with Cisco. With this in mind, Cisco recommends you change your password frequently to help protect your profile.

Beginning in August 2004, if you are a user and log in from the homepage, you will receive a pop-up reminder to change your password. We are providing you with this reminder to help you better protect your profile.

Take a moment to review our online guide with recommendations for establishing, maintaining, and updating your password:
(available to registered users)
(available to non-registered users)

To update your password now, please visit:
(available to registered users)

If you have further questions, please send an e-mail message to

Networking Professionals Connection - UPDATE:
Upcoming Events

Networking Professionals Connection is an interactive Website where you can discuss Cisco networking products and technologies with Cisco experts and networking professionals around the world.

Upcoming events at Networking Professionals Connection include:

  • "Ask the Expert" events, which allow you to discuss specific networking issues online with Cisco engineers:

    • "Cisco Unity™ Deployment and Solutions," now through August 27
    • "Troubleshooting MPLS VPNs - Control Plane and Forwarding Plane," now through August 27

Note: "Ask the Expert" events are subject to rescheduling. Please refer to the URL above for the very latest schedule.

  • TechTalks are online Webcasts that focus on particular technology areas. You can view the latest event schedule, register to attend a live session, and view archived presentations on the Web anytime:

To attend an event or participate in a discussion forum, visit Networking Professionals Connection at:

New Technical Tips

Cisco IOS®

Tech Note:
Cisco IOS Software Release 12.2SV

Tech Note:
Cisco IOS Software Release 12.2(15)JK

Tech Note:
Cisco IOS Software Release 12.3(2)XE

Tech Note:
Cisco IOS Software Release 12.3(2)XF

Tech Note:
Cisco IOS Software Release 12.3(4)XK

Tech Note:
Cisco IOS Software Release 12.3(4)XQ

Tech Note:
Cisco IOS Software Release 12.3(7)XI

Tech Note:
Cisco IOS Software Release 12.3(7)XJ

Tech Note:
Cisco IOS Software Release 12.3(7)XR

Tech Note:
Cisco IOS Software Release 12.3(7)XS

Tech Note:
Cisco IOS Software Release 12.3(7)XT

Tech Note:
Cisco IOS Software Release 12.3(8)XU

Field Notice:
Support for NAT-T v7 Impacts Interoperability


Field Notice:
15454/E: OC192LR/STM64 Bad Lot of Boards

Field Notice:
ONS 15454-OC12-4 Connector Seating Issue

Field Notice:
Minimum Software Revision Recommended for ML Series Card Users

Security Advisory:
Cisco ONS 15327, ONS 15454, ONS 15454 SDH, and ONS 15600 Malformed Packet Vulnerabilities


Field Notice:
Fault in 7500 Chassis Interface Board Causes "%CI-3-NOACK: Address Acknowledge Failure" Error Messages to the Console

Want to learn about other router resources on the Cisco Technical Support Website? View the free, on-demand Cisco Technical Support Seminar, "Using the Cisco Technical Support Website for General Router Issues," today:

Storage Networking

Configuration Example:
FC Analyzer and SPAN for MDS Switches

Voice and IP Communications

Tech Note:
Update the License Count in CRS

Tech Note:
MeetingPlace Web Onsite Install or Upgrade

Tech Note:
MeetingPlace IP Onsite Installation or Upgrade

Tech Note:
MeetingPlace Server PCI Onsite Merge

Tech Note:
Install and Configure IP Communicator with CallManager 4.x

Tech Note:
PGW 2200 Softswitch - Check CDR File Creation

Tech Note:
MeetingPlace SMTP Onsite Install or Upgrade

Tech Note:
Troubleshoot the Subflow - CRS Script

Tech Note:
CRS Backup Failure - Missing STI Backup Service

Tech Note:
DateTime Order Issue from SQL Query Results with Upgrade from SQL Version 6.5 to 7.0

Tech Note:
Unable to Route Calls to Agents - CTIERR_MAXCALL_LIMIT_REACHED

MeetingPlace IP

Field Notice:
Cisco CallManager 3.3(4)SR1 Can Cause IP Contact Center (IPCC) Express Integrated Contact Distribution (ICD) Server Crash

Field Notice:
Re-Running Setup from Installation Media Can Cause Inconsistent Behavior and/or Stop Service Releases from Installing and No Warning Is Given Affecting ICM and IPCC Enterprise and Hosted Editions

Field Notice:
ICM 5.0(0)_SR7 May Not Install or Un-Install Correctly on Administration Workstations

Want to learn about other voice resources on the Cisco Technical Support Website? View the free, on-demand Cisco Technical Support Seminar, "Using the Cisco Technical Support Website for Voice Issues," today:

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