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Vol.6 No.14 July 21, 2004 Unmatched Online Technical Support

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Letter from the Editor


Welcome to the second July issue of the Cisco Technical Support Newsletter!

This issue includes a feature article about the online tools offered on the Cisco Technical Support Website. These online tools can help you solve your networking issues, and you can now conveniently access the tools from a single page. You'll find this feature article immediately after my signature below.

Here are the other topics we cover in this issue:

  • Recent enhancements to Cisco Output Interpreter
  • Network security management with Cisco PIX® Device Manager 4.0 for Cisco Firewall Services Module 2.2
  • Upcoming events at Networking Professionals Connection
  • Updates to CCIE exams

Please feel free to send this message to anyone you know who might find this information useful. And, if you have any questions or comments about this newsletter, you can send an e-mail message to

- S. Bailey
    Cisco Technical Support News Editor


Online Tools and the Tools & Resources Page - UPDATE
Online Tools Help You Resolve Your Networking Issues

Did you know there are online tools available to help you find the Cisco software versions compatible with your hardware, to help you troubleshoot "show" commands, and to send you automated e-mail messages about new Field Notices? You can access these tools from a single place: the Cisco Technical Support Tools & Resources page. This page also contains links to over 30 other useful resources.

Here are some of the tools available to registered users:

  • Software Advisor -- Determine which software releases support your hardware, match software features to Cisco IOS® and CatOS releases, and compare Cisco IOS releases.

  • Software Bug Toolkit -- Search for software bugs.

  • Output Interpreter -- Troubleshoot router, switch, and PIX issues by entering output from "show" commands to receive reports listing errors, warnings, status information, crash analysis, and error message decodes.

  • Product Alert Tool -- Set up profiles to receive e-mail updates about reliability, safety, network security, and end-of-sale issues for the Cisco products you specify.

  • TAC Service Request Tool -- Request technical assistance by creating a service request with the Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC), and check the status of those requests.

Based on your feedback, we recently enhanced the Tools & Utilities page -- now known as the Tools & Resources page -- to help you quickly find the tools you need to resolve your networking issues. You can search for tools by name -- for example, "Software Advisor" -- or by task -- for example, "Configuration" -- which makes navigating to the tools more intuitive. The page now also features videos on demand that show you how to use tools.

Visit the redesigned Cisco Technical Support Tools & Resources page today at:
(available to registered users)
(available to non-registered users)

Not registered with Visit the URL below to register and begin taking advantage of these tools today:

Other News

Cisco Output Interpreter - UPDATE
Now Interprets Configuration Register Values

We recently updated the online Cisco Output Interpreter tool with new functionality for decoding and analyzing hexadecimal Configuration Register values of systems running Cisco IOS Software. Simply paste the output from a "show version" or "show tech-support" command into the tool to receive an easy-to-understand analysis of hexadecimal values.

In addition to this new functionality, Output Interpreter can:

  • Interpret "show" command outputs from your router, switch, or PIX firewall.

  • Provide explanations for console error messages in Cisco IOS Software.

  • Decode and analyze the output from your router or switch’s "stack trace" command for possible bugs.

  • Convert the "apply," "conduit," and "outbound" statements of your PIX firewall to equivalent "access-list" statements.

Visit the Cisco Output Interpreter tool today at:
(available to registered users only)

Not registered with Visit the URL below to register and begin taking advantage of this and many other useful tools:

Cisco PDM 4.0 for FWSM 2.2 - UPDATE:
Configuring and Monitoring Your Network Security

The Cisco PIX Device Manager (PDM) 4.0 for the Cisco Firewall Services Module (FWSM) 2.2 is an intuitive Web-based application for configuring and monitoring FWSM 2.2 on a Cisco Catalyst® 6000 switch or a Cisco 7600 router. PDM 4.0 provides the following features:

  • Ability to create and validate security policies for the firewall using an intuitive, easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI) which does not require knowledge of the command-line interface (CLI). PDM 4.0 speeds up configuration by composing the CLI commands for you based on your changes in the GUI and then sending the CLI commands to the firewall.

  • Ability to create and manage security contexts (virtual firewalls) from the same GUI.

  • Support for all the configuration features in FWSM 2.2, including transparent firewall, policy NAT, resource management, and same security level.

  • Configuration of active and standby firewalls.

  • Built-in support for three different types of users: administrator with full access, read-only user, and monitor-only user.

  • Complete system status in a single view on the PDM home page, including CPU and memory graphs, interface up/down status, and traffic graphs.

  • Reduction in configuration errors by warning about potential problems before sending commands to the firewall.

  • Startup Wizard to easily set up a new context.

Learn more about using the PDM 4.0 interface to setup, configure, and monitor your FWSM at:

Networking Professionals Connection - UPDATE:
Upcoming Events

Networking Professionals Connection is an interactive Website where you can discuss Cisco networking products and technologies with Cisco experts and networking professionals around the world.

Upcoming events at Networking Professionals Connection include:

  • "Ask the Expert" events, which allow you to discuss specific networking issues online with Cisco engineers:

    • "Configuring and Troubleshooting DDR and Access Servers," now through July 30
    • "Increasing Network Security Using Cisco Security Agent," now through July 30

Note: "Ask the Expert" events are subject to rescheduling. Please refer to the URL above for the very latest schedule.

  • TechTalks are online Webcasts that focus on particular technology areas. You can view the latest event schedule, register to attend a live session, and view archived presentations on the Web anytime:

Visit Networking Professionals Connection today and play "Network Defenders." Demonstrate your networking knowledge, gaming skills, and awareness of security solutions by fighting the relentless attacks on your network. Apply your knowledge by deploying available resources, thereby safeguarding your network and increasing your score. Learn more about the game by going to the Networking Professionals Website. Forum login is required to play the game.

To attend an event, participate in a discussion forum, or play "Network Defenders," visit Networking Professionals Connection at:

CCIE® Central - UPDATE:
Exam Blueprints; Revised Security Exam; CCIE Service Provider Exams

To help candidates prepare for testing, CCIE has published blueprints of the lab exams. Each blueprint is a detailed outline of topics likely to be tested. The topics listed are guidelines; other relevant or related topics may also be part of each exam. In general, new product features become eligible for inclusion in CCIE lab exams six months after release. To view the blueprints available on the CCIE Website, visit the URL below, select the specific track, and then click "Lab Exam Blueprint:"

A revised Security lab exam will go into production in all testing locations beginning October 1, 2004. In the revised exam, much of the core routing and switching will be preconfigured on the devices, allowing candidates more time to work on security-specific areas. The new blueprint for the Security lab exam is available online at:

On June 1st, the Content Networking written exam became available to candidates for CCIE Service Provider certification. To qualify for the hands-on lab exam, candidates must pass one of seven available written exams for Service Providers. The seven written exams focus on different service areas: optical, cable, DSL, WAN switching, IP telephony, dial and content networking. Visit the Service Provider section of the CCIE Website for more details:

Clarification: As previously announced, the CCIE Routing and Switching lab exam will be updated with Cisco IOS version 12.2T on August 1, 2004; however, the exam will not include the IPv6 feature set until January 1, 2005.

New Technical Tips

IBM/SNA and Token Ring

Tech Note:

IP Routing and Routed Protocols

Configuration Example:
Multicast Support for MPLS VPNs

Want to learn about other IP routing resources on the Cisco Technical Support Website? View the free, on-demand Cisco Technical Support Seminar, "Using the Cisco Technical Support Website for IP Routing Issues," today:

LAN Switching

Field Notice:
Supervisor Engine 1A - Adherence to Published Memory Upgrade

Want to learn about other LAN resources on the Cisco Technical Support Website? View the free, on-demand Cisco Technical Support Seminar, "Using the Cisco Technical Support Website for LAN Issues," today:


Field Notice:
Cisco ONS 15530-FCGE-8P Requires Update to Functional Image


Field Notice:
PA-SRP Models Require Newer Cisco IOS Releases to Operate in Newer 7200VXR Chassis

Field Notice:
PA-A2 Models Require Newer Cisco IOS Releases to Operate in Newer 7200VXR Chassis

Want to learn about other router resources on the Cisco Technical Support Website? View the free, on-demand Cisco Technical Support Seminar, "Using the Cisco Technical Support Website for General Router Issues," today:

Security and VPN

Configuration Example:
Cisco IOS Easy VPN Remote Hardware Client to a PIX Easy VPN Server

Configuration Example:
Router-to-Router IPSec (RSA Keys) on GRE Tunnel with RIP

Want to learn about other security and VPN resources on the Cisco Technical Support Website? View the free, on-demand Cisco Technical Support Seminar, "Using the Cisco Technical Support Website for Security and Virtual Private Network Issues," today:

Voice and IP Communications

Tech Note:
Country Options Configuration for E1R2 Signaling

Tech Note:
Distributor AW Receives Buffer Overflow in the RTD Process

Tech Note:
DialogTest Diagnostics Tool Fails to Run - Shut down the BA Dialer Process

Tech Note:
WebView Agent Reports Contain No Data - Enable Agent Report

Tech Note:
Target Assignment for CallID xxxxxx Unknown - Message in the OPC Log

Tech Note:
WebView Error - Unable to Retrieve the ICM Root

How IPCC Express Works with Extension Mobility

Cannot Log in to Historical Reports for IPCC Express

Listener Trace Message - File Notification from Other Side on NotFound Queue

Router Error Code 448

No Cisco ICM Version 5.0, Service Release 6

Field Notice:
CP-7920 Speaker Failure Results in One-Way Audio

Field Notice:
IP Contact Center (IPCC) Configuration Changes during Call Volumes Could Result in All CTI Route Points Ringing Busy

Field Notice:
Cisco Unity™ Express CFNA Does Not Respond with Cisco CallManager Express E.164 Transfer

Field Notice:
Cisco Unity 4.0(4) Does Not Support Microsoft Exchange 2003 SP 1

Security Advisory:
Cisco Collaboration Server Vulnerability

Want to learn about other voice resources on the Cisco Technical Support Website? View the free, on-demand Cisco Technical Support Seminar, "Using the Cisco Technical Support Website for Voice Issues," today:


Configuration Example:
Bridge Security

Tech Note:
Debugging Authentications

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