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Vol.6 No.9 May 5, 2004 Unmatched Online Technical Support

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Letter from the Editor


Welcome to the first May issue of the Cisco Technical Support Newsletter!

Here are the topics we cover in this issue:

  • Free Cisco Career Certifications exams for US Networkers 2004 Conference attendees
  • Cisco Security Device Manager Releases 1.1 and 1.1a provide new features
  • Updates to Cisco Technical Support Seminars

Please feel free to send this message to anyone you know who might find this information useful. And, if you have any questions or comments about this newsletter, you can send an e-mail message to

- S. Bailey
Cisco Technical Support News Editor

News Updates

US Networkers 2004 Conference - NEW:
Free and Discounted Career Certifications Exams

Many conferences provide opportunities for training, learning about the latest industry trends, and meeting technology experts, peers, and vendors, but they don't offer anything concrete to advance your career. Networkers is different. Attendees who register in advance for US Networkers 2004 -- scheduled for July 11-16 in New Orleans, LA -- are eligible to take one free Cisco Career Certifications exam during the conference.

Valued at up to US$300 each, available exams include the most current versions for CCIE®, CCNA®, CCNP®, CCDA®, CCDP®, CCIP™, Cisco Qualified Specialist, and CCSP™. Each exam lasts 45-120 minutes. To reserve your free exam, when registering for Networkers, select "Yes" in response to "Are you interested in registering for a free Cisco Career Certifications exam?" Conference organizers will contact you by e-mail in early May regarding how to select your desired exam type and time.

Attendees who do not register for the conference in advance, neglect to select an exam type and time, or want to take more than one exam can register for exams onsite at a 50% discount. These exams will be available on a first-come, first-served basis, and must be taken during the conference.

US Networkers 2004 also provides these additional opportunities to conference attendees:

  • More than 100 Technology Breakout Sessions with four levels of expertise
  • Face-to-face learning and social activities with Cisco engineers
  • Full-day, start-to-finish, technology-specific Techtorials
  • One-on-one Design Clinics with top engineers
  • World of Solutions exhibits of the latest Cisco and Cisco-certified partner solutions
  • Customer Appreciation night at the Louisiana Superdome

Visit the following URL today to learn more, register for Networkers, and sign up for your free Cisco Career Certifications exam:

Cisco Security Device Manager - UPDATE:
Releases 1.1 and 1.1a Provide New Features

The Cisco Security Device Manager (SDM) is a browser-based device-management tool embedded within some Cisco IOS® access routers. SDM allows you to configure LAN and WAN interfaces, routing, Network Address Translation (NAT), firewalls, VPNs, and other router features. The tool also provides smart wizards that simplify router and security configuration, allowing you to quickly and easily deploy, configure, and monitor a Cisco router without having knowledge of the IOS® Command Line Interface (CLI).

SDM Release 1.1 provides several new features, including:

  • Enhanced startup configuration via the Startup wizard, including CNS/IE2100 integration for large-scale router deployments, and WAN interface and basic firewall configuration to ensure quick and secure router lockdown

  • Support for examining and editing firewall policy rules, including policy-based configuration of ACLs and protocol inspection rules

  • GRE/IPSec improvements, including redundant GRE tunnel configuration, support for adding routing information to the GRE/IPSec configuration, and a bandwidth command option to stop asymmetric routing

  • Easy VPN Version III, including Backup EzVPN Server, the ability to save user names and passwords, and password/key encryption

  • Support for configuring and monitoring your router as a hub or spoke in a Dynamic Multipoint VPN (DMVPN)

  • Dial backup configuration

  • Ethernet switch port configuration (WIC-4ESW)

  • VLAN configuration of Ethernet switch ports

  • Support for ISDN WAN configuration

  • Support for analog modem WAN configuration

  • Support for Cisco 7204VXR, 7206VXR, and 7301 routers

  • WIC-1SHDSL-V2 DSL controller support for 2600XM, 3600, and 3700 series routers

SDM Release 1.1a adds support for the WIC-1SHDSL-V2 DSL controller on Cisco 1700 routers running Cisco IOS version 12.3(4)XG and later.

To see if your router currently has SDM installed, point your Web browser to <your router's ip-address>/flash/sdm.shtml and see if SDM launches. If SDM doesn't launch, or if you want to upgrade to the latest SDM release, see the SDM installation guide for instructions on downloading and installing SDM for free from the Website. If SDM does launch, see the SDM quick start guide for basic SDM setup instructions and safety warnings.

For more information about SDM, including the SDM installation and quick start guides, visit one of the following URLs:
(available to registered users)
(available to non-registered users)

Cisco Technical Support Seminars - UPDATE:
Updated Seminar Now Available

To reflect recent changes to the Cisco Technical Support Website, we have updated the free, online seminar, "Using the Cisco Technical Support Website for Online Support." In about one hour, this seminar shows you how to find the online technical support you need, including sample configurations, field notices, troubleshooting tips, software documentation, and online diagnostic tools.

Updates to this Cisco Technical Support Seminar include:

  • How to navigate through the new Website design that combined and simplified Hardware Support and Software Support areas into one Product Support area and combined and reorganized product categories.

  • How to use the Cisco TAC Service Request Tool -- which has replaced the Cisco TAC Case Open and Cisco TAC Case Query tools -- for managing your TAC service requests online.

  • How to use new enhancements to online support tools such as the Cisco Software Advisor, which allows you to search for Cisco software by feature, release, and hardware platform to find the software version you need.

This seminar is available as a recorded on-demand session and as a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation. Five other free seminars are also available, focusing on Website support for routers, IP routing, LANs, network security and VPNs, and voice. When viewing these seminars, tell your friends and co-workers about these valuable training resources by clicking the "Tell a Friend" button on the left side of the seminar console window.

Visit the URL below today to view a recorded on-demand Cisco Technical Support Seminar:
(available to all users, but this standalone site requires registration separate from

For Microsoft PowerPoint versions of these seminars, please visit:

New Technical Tips

IP Routing and Routed Protocols

Configuration Example:
Policy-Based Routing with Catalyst® 3550 Series Switch

Configuration Example:
Policy-Based Routing with the Multiple Tracking Options Feature

Want to learn about other IP routing resources on the Cisco Technical Support Website? View the free, on-demand Cisco Technical Support Seminar, "Using the Cisco Technical Support Website for IP Routing Issues," today:
(available to all users, but this standalone site requires registration separate from

Network Management

Service Assurance Agent Implementation

Field Notice:
Password Patch

Security Advisory:
Default Username and Password in WLSE and HSE Devices

White Paper:
Cisco Network Registrar® Monitoring Techniques


Tech Note:
Optical Customer Technical Support Expectations


Field Notice:
Cache Controller Bus Contention Causes Network Services Engine (NSE-1) to Hang

Security Advisory:
Cisco IPSec VPN Services Module Malformed IKE Packet Vulnerability

Want to learn about other router resources on the Cisco Technical Support Website? View the free, on-demand Cisco Technical Support Seminar, "Using the Cisco Technical Support Website for General Router Issues," today:
(available to all users, but this standalone site requires registration separate from

Security and VPN

Configuration Example:
Cut-and-Paste Style Certificate Enrollment to a Cisco IOS CA

Configuration Example:
Enrollment over SCEP to a Cisco IOS CA (Headend Aggregrator VPN Router)

Configuration Example:
Configure and Enroll a Cisco VPN 3000 Concentrator to a Cisco IOS Router as a CA Server

Configuration Example:
Configure and Enroll a Cisco IOS Router to Another Cisco IOS Router Configured as a CA Server

Certificate Expiration and Auto-Enroll (Automatic Re-Enrollment) Feature

Field Notice:
Intrusion Detection System 4235 and 4250 Sensor Inductor Failure

Want to learn about other security and VPN resources on the Cisco Technical Support Website? View the free, on-demand Cisco Technical Support Seminar, "Using the Cisco Technical Support Website for Security and Virtual Private Network Issues," today:
(available to all users, but this standalone site requires registration separate from


Configuration Example:
PGW 2200 Softswitch RDN and OCN for SIP Diversion

Configuration Example:
Cisco CallManager 3.3 Gatekeeper Configuration

Tech Note:
MeetingTime Registry Settings That Affect the Speed of Clicking from Tab to Tab

Tech Note:
MeetingTime Report Data Retention

Tech Note:
MeetingTime Recording Disk Space Determination

Tech Note:
MeetingTime Meeting Recording Remote Retrieval Fails

Tech Note:
Configure "IpAddrInPathHeaders" for the SIP Proxy Server

Tech Note:
Cisco PGW 2200 and HSI Softswitch Out-of-Band DTMF for SIP and H.323

Tech Note:
Cisco MeetingPlace Server Disk Failure Recovery

Tech Note:
Cisco MeetingPlace Server Network Isolation Recommendations

Tech Note:
PGW 2200 Softswitch ITP-SCTP Error Resolution

Tech Note:
MeetingTime Port Utilization Report

Tech Note:
Cisco MeetingPlace SMTP Post-Install Configuration and Click-to-Attend Link Settings

Cisco MeetingTime

Cisco MeetingPlace Web

Field Notice:
Messages May Be Compromised in Cisco Unity™ 3.X and 4.X Using Unity™ Message Repository (UMR) Mode

Field Notice:
VG248 Upgrade Required for Use with Cisco CallManager 4.0(1)

Want to learn about other voice resources on the Cisco Technical Support Website? View the free, on-demand Cisco Technical Support Seminar, "Using the Cisco Technical Support Website for Voice Issues," today:
(available to all users, but this standalone site requires registration separate from

Voice and IP Communications

Tech Note:
Administrator Account Fails to Retrieve Reports on the WebView Server - ICM 4.6.2

Tech Note:
Recommended Base Levels for Debugging Cisco Agent Desktop

How to Obtain the Cisco Media Blender Master License

What Role Does Each Individual Subcomponent of IIS Play on the WebView Server?

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