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Vol.6 No.4 February 18, 2004 Unmatched Online Technical Support

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Letter from the Editor


Welcome to the second February issue of the Cisco Technical Support Newsletter!

This issue includes a feature article about the new Voice knowledge base in the online Cisco TAC Case Collection tool. This knowledge base provides a wealth of voice solutions and "How to" topics, and offers helpful links to other Cisco resources. Read the feature article immediately after my signature below for more details on this tool and the new Voice knowledge base.

Please feel free to send this message to anyone you know who might find this information useful. And, if you have any questions or comments about this newsletter, you can e-mail me at

- J. Gardner
Cisco Technical Support News Editor


Voice Support in the Cisco TAC Case Collection Tool - UPDATE:
New Voice Knowledge Base Now Available

The online Cisco TAC Case Collection tool can help you quickly find solutions, "How to" topics, and related resources for common issues with Cisco products and technologies. The tool provides support for dial, frame relay, IP routing protocols, LAN switching, router and IOS® architecture, network security, voice, and wireless.

Cisco engineers continue to create and update TAC Case Collection knowledge bases using information from recent Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC) service requests (cases). The newest of these knowledge bases covers voice issues, and includes content from the former Voice Quality knowledge base as well as additional information to cover most Cisco voice products and technologies.

Available Solutions

The new Voice knowledge base provides solutions in the following key problem areas:

  • Voice quality, including audio quality issues such as hissing, echo, and choppy voice (formerly part of the Voice Quality knowledge base)

  • Call connection, including connection quality issues such as one-way voice and no busy tone (formerly part of the Voice Quality knowledge base)

  • Cisco CallManager, including installation, database, directory access, integration, and Music on Hold

  • IP phone and client, including phone, gateway, and other client registration issues, as well as IP phone faults

  • Voice applications, including Cisco Customer Response Solution (CRS), Cisco port adapters, and Cisco CallManager plug-in functionality and installation

  • Voicemail, including Cisco Unity™ installation, integration, and voicemail behavior issues

  • Hardware

  • Fax and modem

"How to" Topics

Focusing on frequent questions, the "How to" topics in the Voice knowledge base describe how to perform specific procedures, such as "How to apply LLQ across DSL on an 800 Series Router" and "How to deal with the W32.Blaster.Worm on servers running Cisco voice applications and CallManager."

Links to Other Cisco Resources

In addition to information from Cisco TAC service requests (cases), the Voice knowledge base also includes links to other Cisco resources, such as online technical documentation and content from the popular Troubleshooting Cisco IP Telephony book from Cisco Press®. Where appropriate, solutions also provide links to Cisco Technical Support Web tools, such as the Cisco Bug Toolkit, Cisco Software Advisor, and the Cisco Command Lookup Tool.

To see an example of a voice solution, please visit:

And be sure to check out the TAC Case Collection tool to find the solutions you need:
(available to registered users only)

Note: Due to the dynamic nature of the content in the Cisco TAC Case Collection, you should access the tool with Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5, Netscape 6.0, or later.

Other News

Networking Professionals Connection - UPDATE:
New Attachments Feature, Upcoming Events

Networking Professionals Connection is an interactive website where you can discuss Cisco networking products and technologies with Cisco experts and networking professionals around the world.

Now you can attach one or more files to your Networking Professionals Connection posts and replies. Just click the Add Attachments link under the Post button and browse to your file or files. For more information about attaching files, please visit:

Here's a summary of the upcoming events at Networking Professionals Connection:

  • "Ask the Expert" events allow you to discuss specific networking issues online with Cisco engineers:

    • "Cisco NetFlow Technology," now through February 27
    • "PIX® Firewalls," now through February 27
    • "Cisco Security Agent and Mydoom Worm," now through February 27
    • "Traffic Engineering and VPN Services," March 1-12
    • "Power over Ethernet Solutions," March 1-12

  • TechTalks are online webcasts that focus on particular technology areas. You can view the latest event schedule, register to attend a live session, and view archived presentations on the Web anytime:

To attend an event, participate in a discussion forum, or invite a friend to join the community, visit Networking Professionals Connection at:

New Technical Tips

Content Networking

Tech Note:
Syslog Error Messages for ACNS 5.01

Customer Contact Software

Tech Note:
Cisco eMail Manager Hangs - InBasket Java Process Buffer Shortage

Tech Note:
Error 500: JTAPI Trigger Page Generates an Exception after Changing CTI Route Point Directory Number

Tech Note:
Why Does Cisco ICM Logger Fail to Synchronize?

Tech Note:
CRA Engine Not Starting with Second NIC Installed

Tech Note:
Automating DESKTOP_CFG Share Drive Mapping in Cisco Agent Desktop for IPCC Express

Tech Note:
Cisco CRS Agent/Supervisor Desktop Cannot Logon

How Can I Increase the Number of Rings to the Agent Desktop?

Field Notice:
Customer Contact Business Unit (CCBU) Initial Notice for Microsoft January 2004 Security Updates

IBM/SNA and Token Ring

Configuration Example:
IBM AIX iSCSI Host to SN 5428

LAN Switching

Field Notice:
WS-C6506 Chassis Handles May Break Off


Field Notice:
NPE-G1 ROMMON 1.0 Unexpectedly Crashes

Security and VPN

Configuration Example:
IPSec between Cisco VPN 3000 Concentrator and Router with AES

Password Recovery:
Recovery Procedure for the Cisco Secure ACS Solution Engine

Storage Networking

Configuration Example:
MDS-to-MDS Elaborate Configuration with FCIP


Tech Note:
Cisco PGW 2200 T310 Timer Description

Field Notice:
IAD-2430 Chassis Guard - Safety Regulation

Field Notice:
VG224 Chassis Guard - Safety Regulation

Security Advisory:
Voice Product Vulnerabilities on IBM Servers


Tech Note:
Restore the IOS GUI

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