Collaborative Tools Bring Together Film Students and Industry

Cisco Services provides design, implementation and support services for unified communications and collaboration

University of Lusofona leads EU project to create environment for creative and commercial success in cinema.

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Thanks to Cisco's collaboration platform and innovations such as WebEx Social, we are creating a common environment where teachers, students, and business can come together.
- Dr. Manual José Damásio, Head of Communication Arts and Information Technologies, University of Lusofona


Enable teaching staff in Portugal, Africa, and Brazil to virtually collaborate regularly to discuss and review plans and content.

  • Help ensure effective knowledge transfer between academia and business
  • Better equip students with entrepreneurial skills
  • Establish learning platform, irrespective of geography


A unified communications and collaboration platform that combines the power of social networking, content creation, and real-time communications.


A common environment where teachers, students, and business can come together and collaborate.

  • Secure and scalable platform for collaboration and learning in film and media industry
  • Ability to share, manipulate, and manage video content among students and the film industry, thereby better leveraging resources and creative talent
  • New student generation equipped with skills and mindsets for creative and commercial success

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